Loki Star Sophia Di Martino on How “Brad and Angelina” Inspired the Finale

Not too long ago, Loki manager Kate Herron reaching for her 2017 short film star Lubrication with one clause that will upgrade both in a major way. Herron and the team at Marvel Studios set themselves a difficult task: They had to choose an actor who could convincingly play more than just a romantic movie. Tom Hiddlestonusually the god of mischief but never gets together, but is also a variant of Loki in her own right as the show seeks to establish a character named Sylvie as a female version of the character. MCU’s favorite villain.

In the end, Marvel agreed with Herron that Sophia Di Martino, a relatively unknown actress in America, fits the bill. Again Loki role could have bigger implications for the entire MCU — Herron says Vanity Fair she was on the table when Jonathan Majors get job may include more upcoming movies and shows. But Herron’s casting was the single most important factor in the success of this particular show, which hinges on the notion that she should be at least as attractive as Hiddleston – who was well-intentioned to attract audiences. fake decades.

Finally, Di Martino walked side by side with Hiddleston. And while she might not have done it backwards and with her heels — Sylvie wore very reasonable boots—Di Martino did managed to meet the demands of her puny Marvel schedule and Breastfeeding her new baby at the same time.

Talk to Vanity Fair’s Still watching podcast a few days later Loki As the finale airs, Di Martino delves into the intense, romantic, and action-packed mind battle between Loki and Sylvie, and the choices her character makes will resonate throughout the MCU. Kate Herron also participated in a short registration after the finale, all of which you can find in full in the recording below. Or scroll to read highlights from our chats.

In the final moments of the finale, after Sylvie shoves Loki out of her way, she makes the vengeful decision to hurl a knife at Jonathan Majors’ mysterious villain He Who Remains – who responsible for the years Sylvie ran and hid from TVA. If we take the show’s many references to John Milton’s Heaven is lost At heart, Sylvie’s decision is equivalent to Eve biting an apple and getting everyone kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Does she regret it? Di Martino said.

“She’s done work and she’s waiting for relief and departure and something to happen to make her feel a little better about things,” the actress explained. “And it just didn’t come, and she questioned everything. I think [regret] sure to come at some point. I certainly would, because the whole conversation that just happened to Loki was almost a misunderstanding. It’s just a bit of bad communication in a way, and then she ignores the reality of what she did. There are some great feelings. ”

By killing the Remainer, Sylvie returned free will to the universe. But she also creates endless cracks in the timeline and ensures that more villainous variations of Majors’ chaotic evil will spill over into the MCU. So should Marvel fans put all the blame on the chaos and multiverse madness that will inevitably follow Sylvie? “I would understand that,” said Di Martino. “But I guess we just have to wait and see what will actually happen if he tells the truth. I do not know; maybe it will be entertaining! “Perhaps, at the end of the day, we’ll thank Sylvie for what she’s done. Perhaps, to quote Lucifer in Milton’s poem, it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.

Because a lot Loki The finale is dedicated to introducing the Major Generals and his character, Di Martino often finds himself in reaction mode. Not only is He Who an unpredictable character, but Majors himself is an unpredictable scene partner. “I didn’t expect him to be so eccentric!” she speaks. “Every shot is completely different. There’s a bit where he turns around the room. I guess I was expecting someone a bit more serious behind the desk, you know, threatening in a more obvious way. Jonathan was a little more relaxed, which was great. “

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