Link Building For Small Businesses: 8 Strategies That Really Work

Wondering how to get quality backlinks? What are the most effective link building tactics that work?

Link building is one of the most effective and challenging aspects of SEO. Backlinks help you gain the trust of Google. Therefore, they are the most important ranking factors. Backlinks continue to be a powerful ranking signal, with other websites linking to your site proving that your site is important to users.

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You’ve just agreed to the ultimate guide to the right link building tactics that will help you get standard backlinks, and as a result your website will increase your chances of getting high on search results.

Link building can work for small businesses. In fact, it may work really well. Here are seven link building ideas that you can try right now.

1. Connect with Local and Niche Bloggers

Who are the popular bloggers covering your city or industry?

The creators of these content are expected to run permanent content for their readers. Like content managers, they run out of ideas from time to time. Be the hero who gives them an idea. As a small business, you will have good luck finding small bloggers. These so-called micro-influencers may not have the domain authority of a well-known blogger, but their special attention makes their backlinks highly relevant to your website.

2. Check Competitors Backlinks

The key to any decent marketing campaign is to keep an eye on your competitors. If they are ahead of you in SEO rankings, there are ways to understand why. It only requires a little detective work. It is very useful to see the links of your competing websites.

Here’s a nifty free tool to check your competitors’ backlinks. Ubersuggest and pop up your competitor’s URL. Then click on their ‘Backlinks’ box scroll down and see which sites are linked to your competitors. Use this information to improve your business backlinks, after all, if it works for them – it may work for you too.

3. Support Your Local Community

Charities and non-profit organizations are always looking for sponsors. At least one sponsorship level will include backlinks to the sponsor’s site. Think about what organizations you can sponsor in your city. Do they host fundraising events? Don’t limit yourself to traditional charities. Also consider schools and for-profit events. Anyone who needs a sponsor is a potential backlink candidate.

Ideally, sponsorship should be meaningful to your brand either by your physical location or by aligning with your industry.To improve this strategy, sponsor something that your target customers really care about, rather than sponsoring someone who will link to you. The goal with link building should never be to focus solely on links; You want those links to translate into traffic too. This strategy requires financial investment, but it may take less initial effort than other link building ideas.

4. Run A Scholarship

There is a way to return the sponsorship of local organizations. College or high school sponsorships are another and a great way to get juicy backlinks. The idea is to create a scholarship for college or high school students that is related to your small business. If you are a realtor, ask students to write an answer to an article speculating on the future of the housing industry. Then, reach out to school funding offices and ask them to share it with their students.

You’ll need to set aside some budget for this, but this is one of the most effective link building campaigns, and it really helps students in need. As a small business, recommend that you limit your campaign to local areas where you operate or focus on large sector schools that match your industry.

5. Guest Post For Industry-Relevant Sites

You’ve seen this suggestion many times before, and the reason is that it works. There is a real effort in guest blogging, probably the most in any of the tactics on this list.

You have to:

l Find sites that accept guest authors.

l Find the editor’s contact information.

l Consider a great topic for them.

l Make it convincing.

l And finally write the piece.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth the return.

Guest posts provide more than backlinks. When you post a guest post on a site that has a large audience of your target audience, they can drive a lot of traffic for you. In addition, having a byline on these sites can help boost your brand status.

Small businesses are often hampered when they post guest posts on popular sites. Instead of chasing the biggest sites you’ve ever heard of, create articles on smaller, but relevant, sites from your industry. If you’re lacking bandwidth to internally start link building, reach out to an agency that can help with building links for SaaS startups and small businesses.

6. Reclaimed Unlinked Mentions

This is probably the easiest way to build a link. Brands are mentioned online every day, big and small alike. Whenever a website mentions you without a link, get in touch. This is a friendly audience that already thinks you are important to your readers. It’s natural for them to include a link to your site, so that their readers can learn more about you.

7. Offer Case Studies and Testimonials

This is a simple link building tool. Which vendors or software products does your business use? If you are happy with them, offer to participate in the case study or provide them with certificates of appreciation. It is common for brands to engage in business highlighted in case studies or definitions, thanking them for their social proof.

8. Promote Your Content Far & Wide

You are already blogging and giving advice on your small business website. Are you doing more than just sharing on social media to promote this content?

Take it to the Internet. There are few popular online blogs that allow you to syndicate your content. Due to their large size, these sites are more likely to rank higher than you for your keywords. This tactic is known as content syndication, and SEJ co-author Ben Jacobson has written a great article on it. You can also share links to your content on social sharing sites and online message boards like Quora and Slideshare. Monitor threads that relate to your business.

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