Limbaugh Classic: Watch Rush Read His ‘True Story Of Thanksgiving’ One Last Time [November 2020]

The greatest and most remembered talk show host of all time Rush Limbaugh will tell the “True Story of Thanksgiving” to his millions of listeners.

2021 will be the first year the US celebrates Thanksgiving without Rush doing this annual tradition, but EIB’s Bo Snerdley, Rush’s producer for 30 years, is now hosting a daily podcast about the celebration. Rush’s career and countless Americans across the country, has brought the Truth of the Thanksgiving story once again to his fans.

Conservative radio host who is always 99.8% correct, played his last performance over Thanksgiving on November 24, 2020 – almost three months before his time pass after battling terminal lung cancer.

In the show, Limbaugh expressed The joy that “The True Story of Thanksgiving” is spreading across the country.

“The true story of Thanksgiving, going back to the early days of the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock, is that socialism has failed,” he said, detailing the arduous conditions under which the Pilgrims faced when they arrived in the New World, as detailed by William Bradford in his diary.

“The True Story of Thanksgiving.”

According to his transcript:

During the first winter – remember, they came in November – during that first winter, half of them, including William Bradford’s wife, died of starvation, disease, exposure to the element. Now we are getting close to what you were taught in school. It’s finally springtime – and writing doesn’t do justice, by the way. Spring has not only finally arrived. It is a survival. It’s an act of survival that you and I cannot relate or understand.

US special forces can. Trained military men can understand what Pilgrims are – you and I cannot. We’ve never done anything like that first winter in the New World. They survived it. Spring has finally arrived. They met the Indians, the Native Americans there, who helped them grow corn and fish for cod. They show them where the beavers live so the beavers can be skinned to make coats and other things. Your animal rights advocates won’t like some of these stories, but it happened.

But even at this point, even with this level of support from the Indians, the Native Americans, there hasn’t been any prosperity. They have the Mayflower Compact. They have these laws they live by, and do not have prosperity. And I wonder why. Now, it’s important to understand here, friends, because this is where the lessons of modern American history end, with the Indians teaching the Pilgrims how to eat, how to fish, how to skin beaver, and all that.

That’s where it ends. And it’s an interesting story. But that doesn’t even come close to the true story. You know, Thanksgiving is actually explained in some textbooks as a holiday where the Pilgrims thanked the Indians for saving their lives. Not so. It happened, but Thanksgiving is a reverent expression of gratitude, the Pilgrims, to God for their survival, and everything that is a part of it.

Now, this is the part that was omitted. The original contract that the Pilgrims signed was in the Netherlands – they had sponsors. They didn’t have the money to make this trip on their own. They already have sponsors. There are merchant sponsors in London and in the Netherlands. And these merchant sponsors demanded that everything the Pilgrims produced in the New World be moved into a common store, a single bank, if you would. And that every member of the Pilgrim community gets a share.

So everyone gets an equal share of anything in that bank. All the land they cleared, all the houses they built belonged to that bank, to the whole community. And they will distribute it equally, because they will be fair. So all the land they cleared and all the houses they built belonged to the people. Belongs to the community. Belongs to the bank, belongs to the public. No one owns anything. They have only an equal share in it. It’s a commune.

Basically, the Pilgrims established a commune. The forerunners of the communes we saw in the 60s and 70s in California. By the way, they even have their own organic vegetables. You then. The Pilgrims, the forerunner of organic vegetables. Of course, what else could there be? Nothing is treated like anything back then.

Now, William Bradford, who became governor of the colony because he was the leader, realized that this was not going to work out. This is very expensive and destructive, and it doesn’t work. That is collectivism. That is socialism. It doesn’t work. That first winner took a lot of lives. Manpower has been greatly reduced. So William Bradford decided to make a bold move, which I will describe when we return.

… Bradford decided to clean it up. He threw it out and made a bold move. He gave each family a plot of land. Each family is given a plot of land. They can work, manage it however they want. If they just want to sit on it, fat, goofy, happy and lazy, they can. If they want to grow it, if they want to grow corn, whatever is on it, they can. If they want to build on it, they can do that. If they want to turn it into a semi-business, they can do whatever they want with it.

He lost the power of the capitalist market. Long before Karl Marx was born. Long before Karl Marx was a sperm cell in his father’s dream, the Pilgrims discovered and tested what could only be described as socialism, and they found that it didn’t work. . Now, it wasn’t called that then. But that’s exactly what it was. Everyone is equally divided. You know what happened? Nobody did anything. No engine. Nothing works. Nothing happened.

Moving on, the Pilgrims introduced capitalism, opening the door to individual incentives, which proved to be a game-changer for the settlers. “And all it needs is prosperity and word spread across the Atlantic about how to have prosperity and it’s there to thrive. All you have to do is go there and give it a try,”

“The lesson is – The True Story of Thanksgiving is – William Bradford and his community of Pilgrims thanked God for the blessings of their community after the first miserable winter of a setback. recognized for their efforts on justice and equality, that is socialism. , “Rush Limbaugh” Limbaugh Classic: Watch Rush Read His ‘True Story Of Thanksgiving’ One Last Time [November 2020]


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