Light The Night On Netflix, About Women In A Taipei Red-Light District Club In 1988

While many of the shows that Netflix has imported or commissioned from East Asian countries are romantic in nature, it’s rare that something is as romantic as Light up the night To be. The film is about two women who run a red light district club in Taipei, and the trials and tribulations they and their women have to go through at work and men in life. their. Read on to know more.

Opening scene: The teenagers were walking through a confined wooded area, surrounded by barbed wire, when they stumbled upon a body under a tarp.

Gist: After a typhoon passes through Taiwan, we see a policeman named Wen-cheng (Tony Yang) use some unusual methods to catch a suspect who admits he sold drugs from a bar. the coffee. He is sent to the woods to investigate the body found there, and sees a business card from a nightclub called Light.

We go back to July 1988, three months before the “incident”. Light is a Japanese-themed nightclub in Taipei’s red light district, where Madame Rose (Ruby Lin) – named Luo Yu-nong – and her ladies cater to businessmen. Rich people, keep them company, laugh at their jokes and make sure their glasses are full.

Before the club opens for the night, Rose must find her business partner Sue (Cheryl Yang) – named Su Qing-yi – from a date with a spoiled college student she loves. The two are best friends, and while Sue wonders if this is her life, Rose is confident in her relationship with Jiang-han (Rhydian Vaughan), an author who has anonymously trying to finish his first draft.

Rose spends the night making sure the right women get to the right guests. She has to deal with most of her senior ladies, Ah-chi, with whom she not only has to move from group to group so as not to get someone stuck with her, but also to deal with. with thugs trying to collect a debt from Ah-chi. The thugs tracked Rose after the club closed, and she hid in an alley. She smacked another passerby on the nose, and he grabbed the purse she dropped, which contained the club’s business card.

Tired of Jiang-han not answering her calls, and realizing that she doesn’t know where she lives, she follows him during the day. At his publisher’s office, he meets a young author and takes her out to lunch. When Rose confronts him back at his apartment, he basically tells her that he no longer loves her. But things are more complicated than that, as he seems to have a history with Sue that precedes his time with Rose. But when he got drunk over Sue, she slapped him.

Light up the night
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What shows will it remind you of? Sky Rojo, but the pacing is a bit slower and there aren’t any realistic genders.

Our Take: Light up the night There’s definitely a sense of depth to it, with a hint of tragedy mixed in. It is likely to appeal to audiences who enjoy the personal relationships established in East Asian dramas, but the series can hardly be read in the first episode.

What it benefits from are two strong lead performances, from Ruby Lin as Rose and Cheryl Yang as Sue. From the very beginning, their friendship was shown to be quite strong, and it surpassed even the business relationship the two of them had. They always care about each other, and even if Jiang-han makes it through with her after breaking up with Rose, Sue is still in a mode where she wants to protect her friend. While that friendship may be tested as the season goes on, it will still remain the core of the series, laying a solid foundation.

We hope that other women get their own stories, because they’re a bit interchangeable now. But other shows with big groups tend to find their niche as they explore side characters, but it always takes a while. There will also be a mystery to solve, which will affect every relationship on the show. How that is incorporated into the story will be the most engaging aspect of Light up the night move forward.

Gender and Skin: Not available. It’s not that kind of club.

Farewell shot: Back in the woods in October, when the body was found. When Wen-cheng saw someone under the sheets, someone asked him if he knew her.

Sleeper Star: Rhydian Vaughan, who plays Jiang-han, has a pretty well cherished creative genius feeling about his character. He even chuckled after Sue slapped him, knowing the history the two of them had.

Most Pilot-y routes: Nothing we could find.

Our call: INSTRUCTIONS IT. The core friendship of Light up the night is what will carry most of the dramatic load. But it is certainly a bubbly watch, which may not appeal to everyone.

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