‘Let’s wear a mask’ Biden said after bustling Christmas shopping without anyone

President Biden continues to fail on his moral leadership role. Once again, the nominal president is telling the world by his own actions that he doesn’t believe the words he is telling the American people.

“And as additional protective measures, please wear your mask when you are indoors, in public places, around other people,” he said.

Biden was asked about whether local communities should re-implement mask missions based on the Omicron variant of Covid, and he emphasized this message about masking.

“For the last question, the answer is, I – I encourage everyone to wear a mask indoors in crowded situations like ours right now – and unless you’re eating or speaking through a microphone, and – secondly – the extent of the spread affects whether travel restrictions are necessary, but it’s not – I don’t anticipate that at this point and we’ll see. We’ll see if that works. ”

Biden also said at the press conference that the lockdown is unquestionable, “for now.”

“Well, because we can – if everyone gets vaccinated and wears masks, there’s no need to lock the doors,” he said.

This is Joe Biden in Nantucket this weekend.

The large sign on the door reads: “REQUIRED EYES REQUIRED.”

Biden left the store around 4:45 p.m. with a mask on and drank what appeared to be a milkshake, Fox News reported.

“Biden has ignored questions from members of the media about what else needs to be done to prevent the new variant of Omicron,” Daily Caller reporteNS. “Biden went in and visited another store.”

The president has repeatedly violated mask policies.

“Biden has been spotted without his mask several times,” the Daily Caller noted. “He was recently seen at an upscale restaurant in Washington, DC walking around without a mask on. In November, he was also seen walking around without a mask and only wearing it for pictures, Fox News reported. ”

Blogger behind “Revealed”, IanmSC, has provided sufficient research literature that mask regulations and even mask compliance have no measurable real-world impact on overall community transmission of the virus.

“Without question, mask duty is the most common COVID restriction,” he recently noted about Substack Publications. “For politicians, masks seem to have a few downsides – they don’t require any supporting evidence, the media loves them, and the rules can be easily bypassed when you don’t. wants to follow its own rules.”

As someone with a background in data analysis, I can appreciate that inmSC provides thousands of rich counterfactual charts with the popular story that “Masks work”.

There is no data to support that ill-advised conclusion, and it should be added that the masks being worn by the general public are not designed to prevent the transmission of the virus. As opposed to online misinformation that is considered ‘fact verification’, here’s what OSHA itself has correctly stated:

“Surgical masks are not designed or certified to prevent the inhalation of small airborne pollutants. These particles are not visible to the naked eye but still have the potential to cause infection. Surgical masks are not designed to adhere to the user’s face. ”

“During inhalation, much of the contaminated air can pass through the openings between the face and the surgical mask and not be drawn through the mask’s filter material. Their ability to filter small particles varies considerably based on the type of material used to make surgical masks, so they cannot be relied upon to protect workers against airborne infectious agents. gas”.

Why would the mask work? Furthermore, a surgeon who served as a medical journal editor speak out, is anyone confused by Science™.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have read hundreds of studies on the science of surgical masks. Based on extensive reviews and analysis, I have no doubt that healthy people should Not Wear a surgical or cloth mask. Nor should we recommend universal masking for all members of the population. That recommendation is not supported by the highest level of scientific evidence.

Have any questions?

https://smartzune.com/please-wear-a-mask-biden-says-after-getting-busted-christmas-shopping-without-one/ ‘Let’s wear a mask’ Biden said after bustling Christmas shopping without anyone


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