LeBron’s New Movie Gets Dunked on by Disgusted Critics

Anyway, by an important measure, LeBron James is about to make a brief comeback.

The Los Angeles Lakers star, who seems to spend more time angering conservative Americans with shamefully scorn attacking law enforcement officers rather than him winning basketball games, is the star attraction of “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” an animated/real-life movie that hits theaters this weekend.

The film is being praised by critics.

Entertainment Weekly’s damn it. Although critic Mary Sollosi noted that it was “kind of work” as a testament to James’ pop culture influence, as an actual cinematic, it was a failure.

“Here’s the thing about basketball: It’s incredibly easy to watch,” writes Sollosi, an assistant feature editor. “Here’s the thing about Space Jam: A New Legacy: It’s not. You will be surprised by how much the game of basketball resembles an actual sport and how difficult it is to sit through. “


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The New York Post called it a “disgust”.

Entertainment sites AV Club not being kind to the man sometimes called “King James” (even if other big names NBA stars disagree.)

Are you planning to see LeBron’s new movie?

A sequel to 1996’s “Space Jam,” starring Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, the new film is supposed to be yet another way for LeBron to pursue Jordan’s legacy.

It didn’t go so well.

“The new Space Jam star has massive Air Jordans to fill, but only when it comes to star power; As an actor, his temperament is flat and stiff as a backboard,” wrote AV Club reviewer AA Dowd.

Even in the awakened areas of the national capital, Post The Washington Washing lick it.

“There was no real reason for a sequel/honor of the original 1996 film to exist, but now that it does, there’s no reason to wish it didn’t. While ‘You could do worse’ probably won’t be seen as a tagline by the film’s marketers, it’s perhaps the most accurate assessment of the film,” said critic Kristen Page-Kirby write.


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And at the Los Angeles Times, the newspaper of James’ adopted hometown, The title says it all:

“Review: ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ plunges LeBron James into a CGI trash tornado.”

That’s not to say “A New Legacy” doesn’t make money – it does, and that’s clearly the main goal of any Hollywood endeavor.

Based on Deadline, the film’s opening weekend grossed nearly $32 million at the box office to date, the best achievement for Warner Bros. since the coronavirus pandemic began.

But with reviews like these, it remains to be seen how much word-of-mouth will do wonders for the box office.

And there’s a driving force here that’s not just about whether a live-action/animated movie is a success.

LeBron has made no secret of his pursuit of Jordan during his basketball career – though his chances of him winning or surpassing Jordan’s six NBA championships are not bright. At the age of 36, he is the owner of 4 championship rings.

That’s not old in most areas of human endeavor, but James was commissioned in 2003. It won’t be long before most of the rookies entering the league will be born by then.

Jordan’s final retirement come at the age of 40, but he won all his championships by the time he James ‘age now.

James and the Lakers only cut his remaining time to catch up with Jordan further when they made a brief comeback against the Phoenix Suns in June to be knocked out of the NBA knockouts in the first round.

That’s not only a stain on James’ record but also a serious blow to James once named the All-Time Greatest on the Court. (In the court of patriotic public opinion, of course, he lost that a long time ago.)

In short, time is not on Lebron’s side. Nor are most sane Americans who watched James prostrate to China, along with the rest of the NBA, insulting police officers, decryption Black lives are worth it too thugs have spent the year of pandemic 2020 turning American cities into a sea of ​​fire.

Now, thanks to what most accounts consider a movie’s bombshell, neither are film critics. And no matter how the box office plays out in an age of entertainment-loving audiences, it still matters.

For all its evident silence, the first “Space Jam” starring Jordan has achieved legendary status in Q0 since its release.

It’s a sure bet that no one – not even LeBron – will talk about “Space Jam: A New Legacy” 25 years from now.

And LeBron is back.

LeBron’s New Movie Gets Dunked on by Disgusted Critics – They Can’t Believe How Bad It Is


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