Leaked events for Halo Infinite are not promising, but will likely change

Although the evolution of the Battle Pass and armor customization is a source of controversy, Halo InfiniteThe surprise release of its multiplayer beta received mostly positive reception. The balance of gameplay, weapons, and gear seems to be largely limited, and players have largely been positive about the game’s initial multiplayer offering so far. Any problems with multiplayer, such as the inability to filter and queue into specific game modes, will likely be tweaked prior to launch. However, an even more complicated point is the development of the game’s Battle Pass, both with the Heroes of Reach season, as well as the more recent “Fracture: Tenrai” LTM Battle Pass.


Fracture: Tenrai temporarily disappeared this Tuesday and won’t return until the next session of the event in January, marking the end of the Halo InfiniteFirst LTM. Player reception has also been less positive regarding Battle Pass progress in the LTM, although many players enjoyed the Fiesta Slayer game mode. Now, a more recent piece of data has hinted at what some of the next LTM Battle Passes will look like. Halo Infinite, “Cyber ​​Showdown” and “Tactical Ops”, are said to launch in February 2022. Based on leaked information, it appears that 343 Industries is rolling out a similarly disappointing system, but things may change from now on.

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Everything Leaked For Halo Infinite Upcoming Events


Halo InfiniteCyber ​​Showdown and Tactical Ops Events Leaked over the weekend by FireMonkey and Halo Infinite News & Leaks on Twitter, showing off some of the ranking rewards and cosmetic items that come with each event.

Cyber ​​Showdown is supposed to take place from January 18-31, while Tactics Tactics will take place on February 8-21. Each LTM features a different set of game types, like Multiplayer playlists now in Halo Infinite, although the specifics are not clear. All that is known for now is that both events will feature Slayer, King of the Hill, One Flag, and Capture the Flag. In particular, Tactical Ops will also include Strongholds, Elimination, Attrition and Oddball game modes.

As well as the specific game types that will be featured in both events, the data also includes images and information regarding LTM Battle Pass rewards. Among the usual intermediaries Rewards of Challenge Swap and Sponsorship Tokens XP For both events, Cyber ​​Showdown features some cyberpunk-esque neon armor effects for the Spartans to equip, as well as a new pose and nameplate background. Likewise, Tactical Ops has a new pose, armor layer for the Mark VII armor core, a new helmet and helmet attachment, as well as another additional nameplate background. Finally, some upcoming premium (paid) armor upgrades are also leaked.

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Halo Infinite LTM leak may change before launch

limitless samurai armor halo

Based on the leaks, it’s unclear if these bonuses include the Cyber ​​Showdown and Tactical Ops Battle Pass total rewards, but fans aren’t particularly thrilled with what has been leaked so far. now on. Fracture: Tenrai brings with it a new core of armor, along with a number of different free and paid options for customizing fan-favorite armor, setting aside the issue of Battle Pass progress. Meanwhile, these events are a lot lighter on unique content and curated based on these leaks, which is understandably disappointing. The fans criticized Halo Infinitethe balance between custom and earn free money.

Given that 343 Industries has publicly stated that they are monitoring Halo InfiniteTaking on the multiplayer beta and having made the changes in the previous Battle Pass, things may change before launch. Especially considering the negative reception the Battle Pass is doing otherwise it is largely the positive reception of Halo InfiniteMultiplayer, 343 will likely make significant changes after launch. While that does mean the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass might get an overhaul at launch/post-launch, that doesn’t mean the LTM Battle Pass rewards won’t also see potentially sweeping changes. hidden, which could invalidate these leaks, depending on the changes made.

343 Industries emphasized that, while Halo Infinite has relatively great gameplay, multiplayer is still very much in the “beta” for reasons like these. Work is underway at 343 to make changes to Halo InfiniteDesign of the Battle Pass, which means LTM Battle Pass progress and rewards issues will likely be resolved as well. That doesn’t necessarily mean things will be fixed and better on launch day, but it does mean that player frustration could be short-term. Given that the developer was quick to address criticisms of the Battle Pass just days after the beta’s launch, there’s hope that the mid-range rewards and progress issues will be mitigated by InfiniteNext LTM.

Halo InfiniteThe multiplayer beta is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with the game’s full release on December 8, 2021.

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