League of Legends Wild Rift: How to play Kassadin

in the League of Legends: Wild Rift, Kassadin is a mage with high burst damage, high mobility, and silencing skills. Players who enjoy warping around the map or one-shotting their opponents may have found the perfect choice for them. However, unlike most burst mages, Kassadin doesn’t really start to shine until the mid to late game.

Kassadin’s early game power is one of the weakest in mid lane, making him vulnerable to being ganked or simply being denied exp and gold in lane. Knowing what items to build and reading the Kassadin tips and tricks will help League of Legends: Wild Rift Players come on the right path to master this champion.


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Kassadin’s skills

Kassadins passive ability makes him take less magic damage and allows him to walk through minions. The magic damage reduction helps a lot in surviving the weak early game he has. It also ensures that magic damage based champions can never duel him in the later stages of the game. Being able to walk through minions makes it a lot easier to outrun and hunt down enemies, especially before Kassadin’s ultimate.

Kassadins Q ability deals magic damage, silences the enemy, and provides Kassadin with a shield that absorbs magic damage. This ability is his main form to harass the enemy during the laning phase and helps with his survivability. It can also be used to farm hard-to-reach minions when zoned.

Kassadins W ability has passive and active effects. The passive adds magic damage on hit to Kassadin’s auto attacks. This makes minions much easier to hit last, and also helps with extended trades with the enemy. The active effect deals magic damage and restores some of Kassadin’s mana. Since Kassadin has some of the highest mana costs in the game, this ability helps him manage his mana much more easily.

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Kassadins E ability Deals magic damage in a fan shape and slows enemies it hits. This ability helps Kassadin stick to his goals and is his best form of Wave Clear aside from his Ultimate. It can also play a crucial role in teamfights if it lands on important targets.

Kassadins Ultimate Ability makes him such a unique champion. It allows him to teleport in any direction and deal AoE (Area of ​​Effect) Magic Damage. However, the ability can be recast in a few seconds with a higher mana cost and deals more damage. This allows him to traverse the map faster than most champions. Once Kassadin sets his eye on a target, they’re usually forced to fight him to the death because you can’t outrun an enemy with that much mobility unaided.

Kassadin’s best build

  • Staff of Times provides Kassadin with AP (Ability Power), which is Kassadin’s priority stat, along with Mana and HP. It also continually provides more AP, HP, and mana over time, which is perfect for a scaling champion like Kassadin.
  • Quicksilver Kicks – Stasis enchantment grants Kassadin magic defense, increased movement speed, and increased toughness. CC (Crowd Control) is Kassadin’s main weakness, so the extra tenacity helps a lot in making it hard for him to get banned easily. Stasis Enchant gives Kassadin even more outplay potential by making him invulnerable.
  • Archangel’s Staff Gives Kassadin more AP and mana and a protective shield when his HP falls below a certain threshold. It also lets the user deal more damage based on total mana, so it has great synergy with Rod of Ages.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap is the strongest AP item in the game. It provides a large amount of AP and boosts the player’s AP even further by increasing it by a large percentage of the player’s total AP.
  • lightbane gives AP and ability speed, but the main reason Kassadin uses this item is the passive effect. It increases the damage of auto attacks performed after casting an ability. Since Kassadin always casts abilities without much downtime, this item synergizes very well with him.
  • Empty Staff Provides Kassadin with AP and Skill Penetration, which helps Kassadin shred Tank’s Magic Defense with ease. This item gives Kassadin the late-game potential to duel almost every champion in the game.
  • keystone by electrocution is a great keystone for Kassadin as it helps with burst damage by dealing a large amount of damage after hitting the enemy 3 times in quick succession. Kassadin can trigger this whenever his ultimate ability goes off cooldown.
  • triumph rune helps Kassadin finish off targets easier, as he deals more damage to targets below 35% HP. It also heals him when he picks up a kill or assists.
  • Hunter: Titan Rune Increases Tenacity and HP with each unique champion kill, which also helps with CC handling.
  • Hunter: Genius Rune Increases ability haste with each unique champion kill. This reduces Kassadin’s cooldowns even more and works well with Hunter: Titan Rune as both become more useful the more kills you get.

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Kassadin’s Tips & Tricks

Kassadin’s W ability animation can be canceled. So if players auto-attack and then cast W in the perfect frame, they can increase DPS (damage per second) by decreasing the auto-attack animation time.

Kassadin’s ultimate should be used once or twice en route to lane once he picks up Tear of the Goddess. It will help him stack it faster, allowing him to reach his peak power faster than normal. He can also bypass all types of terrain with his ultimate, allowing him to see even dangerous neutral targets. It can also get him out of sticky situations against stationary champions or mobile champions that are on cooldown.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is available on iOS and Android devices.

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