League of Legends’ Warwick may not be missing after all

Adaptations from video games to television and movies tend to leave a sour taste in the mouths of most fans. After a lot of trouble, Arcane: League of Legends has proven to be one of the better games, providing context for many of the game’s champions after fans have known them for years. Netflix series tells the story of the conflict between Piltover and Zaun, but Warwick, one of Zaun’s more famous champions, remains unseen.

Arcane tells the origin story of many champions, from Caitlyn to Singed. For many fans, Warwick’s departure from the show doesn’t make too much sense, but there may be some secrets the show hasn’t revealed before the final act. If dedicated fans take the time to watch the lore of Arcane and Warwick, chances are the werewolf-like champion has appeared on the show. He can be told his origin story through Vander’s adoptive father, Vi and Jinx.


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Warwick Lore of League of Legends


Warwick is one of the League of Legends‘first champion, has been in the game since 2009. While the story behind many Laugh out loud champions have been changed and adjusted over time, Warwick is known as Zaun’s “monster that hunts in the gray alleys”. The werewolf is an experiment created by Singed, formerly said to be “a gangster who lowered his blade for a better life, but no matter how hard he tries to continue, he Nor can he escape his past sins.”

Warwick has been tested to bring out the “deadly beast lurking inside a good man,” and most of his memories of those days are gone, but he remembers two girls specifically. One screams “sounds like the name” as she cries in his memory of her. The other girl isn’t shown much in his lorey side stories, but the lines he tells colleagues Jinx champion seemed to imply she was one of them, saying she was there, and to “let him forget.”

Theme of Arcane With Vander


Warwick’s lore implies that he vaguely remembers who he used to be, and as a result he is described as seeing a bearded man covered in scars as a reflection of himself. Vander fits this description pretty well, as does how Arcane first introduced him as “The Hound of the Underground.” Vander wasn’t quite a gangster who hung up his blade, but he was a retired fighter for Zaun’s freedom who gave up after Piltover’s executors killed several innocent people in A bloody battle leaves Jinx and Vi orphaned. He adopted them, then adopted them as his own. Many people on the show called him about his past, and he himself made comments that he couldn’t get away with it, in keeping with Warwick. League of Legends side story.

Arcane Not only does it plot some of the champions, but it also tells the origin of Shimmer, one of the potions that has the ability to enhance the skills of its users with an addictive side effect. As part of the story of the substance, Singed is one of the main scientists, and his master specifically aims to use it in a psychological warfare scheme to show Vander what is hidden. inside him, eliminate the brute who thinks fighting Piltover directly is good. opinion. These topics are also associated with what Riot Games revealed about Warwick’s backstory, but what’s most interesting is the connection between Jinx and Vi.

Once that’s done, Vander appears to have died after saving Vi from an explosion, Vi breaks down in tears as they’re surrounded by flames – something that matches one of Warwick’s memories. However, the most suitable one was Jinx, who, after being scolded by Vi and left behind, shouted her name to turn around while sobbing. This ties Warwick’s story of talking to Jinx into his behind-the-scenes story incredibly well, which almost sells off the potential that the scientist Laugh out loud champion seen in Arcane may have used Vander to create Warwick.

What complements this theory is that Warwick actually took a stand with Vi as well, asking her who taught her how to punch. Given that Vander is Vi’s adoptive father, who also fought using metal bodyguards, this also ties into Warwick’s in-game lore relatively closely. However, unless Arcane reveals the truth to the werewolf character, this is just a theory. Even if Arcane doesn’t give the story of how Warwick became, the future League of Legends suitability can get their hands on the idea, which will delight fans.

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