League of Legends veteran sOAZ explains why he prefers Dota 2 over LoL

In a recent conversation with H2k Founder and former CEO, Richard Wells, League of Legends (LoL) veteran Paul”sOAZ“Boyer said that Dota 2 is more fun than LoL. SOAZ talks about how he played a lot of Dota 2 before moving to LoL. He added that Dota 2 has more creative freedom when it comes to playing style, which is what This makes it a lot more interesting. He discussed how Dota 2’s additional elements like the fog of war, crazy moves and severe punishment for mistakes, contribute to the creation of the game. so the appeal of the game.

SOAZ highlights Dota 2’s creativity as the main reason it’s more interesting than LoL

As part of his conversation with Wells on the Desert Islands Games series on YouTube, sOAZ recalled the time when he first played Dota 2 and LoL. SOAZ has played both MOBA games extensively, so Wells asked him to separate the LoL successes a bit and let him know if he would prefer one over the other. Regarding the various Dota 2 features not available in LoL, SOAZ believes the former is more fun to play.

“I think there are a lot more, I would say, crazy things happening in Dota so there are a lot of interesting moments in Dota. Play with tangos or the like, fog of war in Dota, make crazy moves. There is a lot of other action in Dota. So I guess it depends on the meta.

I haven’t watched Dota in the last couple of years but back then, I can say that it was a complete break, I thought being at the peak of Dota would probably be more fun. League is more team based. It’s not Dota nor is it, it’s a very high level of team play but I think Dota has a lot of room for error. ”

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“You can be more creative in Dota. That is probably the most interesting thing in Dota compared to League of Legends. You can be a lot more creative in Dota according to your gameplay style,” he added.

During his younger years, sOAZ played a lot of Dota 2, and also participated in a local French tournament. As LoL launched and its ranking system was implemented, he gradually stopped playing Dota 2 and spent more time with the game.

Back then, sOAZ’s transition from Dota 2 to LoL was very easy, as not many aspects exist now. However, sOAZ believes it will be a lot more difficult for a Dota 2 player to transition to LoL today.

“Back then the transition was easy. There aren’t many champions, things like that. Right now, if you’re playing Dota and you’re switching to League it’s going to be a lot harder because League is a lot more complicated since it’s been 10+ years of League of Legends so it’s obviously a lot harder,” he added.

SOAZ believes that it is easier to adapt in the early stages of the game transition when the new game is of a similar genre to the game a player has already played (LoL comes when he is playing Dota in the case of his). Using CS:GO and Valorant as additional examples, he said that 10 years from now, as Valorant grows, it will be difficult for players to easily switch from CS:GO to Valorant.

SOAZ, in the final stages of his 10-year LoL career, currently plays for Waves Esports. He is best known for his feats with Fnatic and Origen.

https://afkgaming.com/dota2/news/league-of-legends-veteran-soaz-explains-why-he-enjoys-dota-2-more-than-lol League of Legends veteran sOAZ explains why he prefers Dota 2 over LoL


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