League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook Champion Tier List

League of Legends’ latest recreation mode, Final Spellbook, permits gamers to sacrifice considered one of their typical summoner spell slots and substitute it with a particular alternative out of three champion ultimates from a random pool. It’s the primary new mode since Nexus Blitz, and its launch coincides with the Sentinels of Mild occasion.

Right here is the precise pool of talents that gamers can get.

  • Ahri: Spirit Rush
  • Amumu: Curse of the Unhappy Mummy
  • Ashe: Enchanted Crystal Arrow
  • Azir: Emperor’s Divide
  • Bard: Tempered Destiny
  • Cho’Gath: Feast
  • Ezreal: Trueshot Barrage
  • Fiddlesticks: Crowstorm
  • Gragas: Explosive Cask
  • Gwen: Needlework
  • Janna: Monsoon
  • Jarvan IV: Cataclysm
  • Jhin: Curtain Name
  • Karthus: Requiem
  • Kayle: Divine Judgment
  • Kayn: Umbral Trespass
  • Kha’Zix: Void Assault
  • Lee Sin: Dragon’s Rage
  • Lissandra: Frozen Tomb
  • Lucian: The Culling
  • Lulu: Wild Progress
  • Lux: Last Spark
  • Malzahar: Nether Grasp
  • Maokai: Nature’s Grasp
  • Miss Fortune: Time Bullet Time
  • Mordekaiser: Realm of Demise
  • Morgana: Soul Shackles
  • Nocturne: Paranoia
  • Nunu: Absolute Zero
  • Olaf: Ragnarok
  • Rell: Magnet Storm
  • Rengar: Thrill of the Hunt
  • Shen: Stand United
  • Skarner: Impale
  • Soraka: Want
  • Talon: Shadow Assault
  • Tryndamere: Timeless Rage
  • Xerath: Ceremony of the Arcane
  • Yone: Destiny Sealed
  • Zoe: Portal Soar

With a plethora of final talents at their disposal, some champions will undoubtedly fare higher when given a brand new useful resource to handle over the standard two summoner spells. And since this mode adjustments the scaling ratios on ultimates, looking for which talents can attain excessive harm potential could again up flashy performs that wouldn’t be doable in regular League recreation modes.

Even when Final Spellbook is decrease stakes and extra informal, listed here are some excessive performing champions to play the sport should you’re aiming to extend your probabilities of victory.

S Tier


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Skarner, Nocturne, Kayn, Azir

Champions with quite a lot of innate mobility thrive on this recreation mode, and so they turn out to be much more efficient when additionally they don’t have to depend on mana. Yone is an instance of such a personality, since he can work effectively with a number of final talents that both grant him extra harm or further dashes.

When mixed along with his Soul Unbound capacity, he can create some spectacular alternatives to shock opponents and stay comparatively protected. One potent interplay to look out for is should you’re granted Skarner’s Impale. If there’s a excessive outstanding risk on the opposing staff, you should use your E and transfer rapidly to the opponent, then Impale them with Skarner and return to your unique place, dragging the enemy again with you.

Lee Sin

  • Greatest Final combos to take: Ahri, Azir, Gragas, Zoe

Much like Yone, Lee Sin isn’t constrained by mana issues and might get across the map rapidly due to his Q and W. These talents that sprint from Lee Sin allow you to discover artistic Dragon’s Rage alternatives to maneuver rapidly and displace the enemy staff. You’ll be able to both get champion ultimates with extra mobility like Ahri or Zoe to startle your opponents, or you possibly can transfer extra gamers round with AoE knockbacks like Azir and Gragas.


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Morgana, Ahri, Nocturne, Lissandra

The primary AP Murderer to be talked about, Diana can deal excessive burst harm in fast succession, and a few of the ultimates at her disposal could mitigate a few of her potential weaknesses. Whereas Diana can hold enemies shut due to her Moonfall and get in together with her Lunar Rush, she’s susceptible to return harm and crowd management if she doesn’t win the battle afterwards.

With ultimates like Lissandra’s, Diana can both prolong her time being in melee vary by Entombing herself, or locking an enemy in place for longer by casting it on foes.


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Cho’Gath, Talon, Yone, Gwen

Since Irelia’s equipment retains her cellular and offers her plenty of dueling prowess, she will be able to stay versatile with whichever set of ultimates she’s given. Although Irelia might make use of any mobility or crowd management talents, any damage-based results can provide you an additional shock burst.

Cho’Gath’s offers true harm and stacking well being growing your endurance, Talon’s offers stealth which might allow you to outplay opponents, Yone’s permits you to interact from considerably longer vary, and Gwen’s will allow you to reminisce about Irelia’s outdated final.


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Olaf, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Tryndamere

Aatrox is a sustained fighter that may transfer round pretty rapidly in a skirmish and might present quite a lot of utility along with his a number of knock-ups. Although Aatrox can profit from having a number of ultimates, just like Irelia, there are numerous methods he can enhance his teamfighting or dueling effectiveness with talents like Morgana’s or Tryndamere’s R.

A Tier


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Ashe, Ezreal, Lux, Xerath

Regardless of his lack of mobility, Jhin is a enjoyable Marksman champion to strive on this recreation mode because of his lengthy vary talents reminiscent of Lethal Flourish and Curtain Name. You’ll be able to both lead along with your obtained final to arrange your W after which R or use the additional world ultimates to safe the takedown of a weakened foe.


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Mordekaiser, Olaf, Rengar, Nocturne, Jarvan IV

As the principle motionless melee champion to make the record, there are a number of ultimates which circumvent Darius’ obvious weak spot. Olaf prevents you from being slowed and crowd managed, whereas Mordekaiser and Jarvan create arenas which make it troublesome for opponents to flee. Rengar and Nocturne can get you into melee vary and supply prolonged interact ranges.


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Skarner, Gwen, Lee Sin

Ekko is one other AP-Murderer kind character that may deal excessive burst harm and stay protected because of his ult. Since he’s comparatively cellular, you possibly can both search for harm based mostly ultimates like Gwen, or look to get extra crowd management talents like Lee Sin in your staff.

Much like Yone, Ekko has spectacular spotlight potential if he manages to snag a Skarner final. You’ll be able to Impale an opponent, then Chronobreak again to your place 5 seconds up to now, which drags the opponent again very distant.


  • Greatest Final combos to take: Azir, Gragas, Bard, Cho’Gath, Rell

As the only tank to make this record, Zac can provide your staff a tough interact id with the quantity of vary he has along with his Elastic Slingshot. Whereas Zac can carry out some lengthy crowd management chains along with his Let’s Bounce and Stretching Strikes, Final Spellbook lets him make different flashy performs.

Azir and Gragas are probably the most evident combos since they will displace a wide selection of enemies both in direction of or away out of your staff when you get in vary along with your E.

Tahm Kench

  • Greatest Final combos to take: Soraka, Shen, Fiddlesticks, Jarvan IV, Kayle

The River King was just lately reworked to be much less targeted on his Devour for defensive functions and have become potent at dueling and being an awesome presence. Gamers who had been a fan of his outdated playstyle and wish to hold that reactive gameplay alive can deliver it again with sure talents like Soraka’s, Shen’s, and Kayle’s.

Tahm Kench gamers that dove deep into his newer gameplay can search for ultimates which both assist them interact extra simply or hold enemies shut, reminiscent of Fiddlesticks’ and Jarvan’s.

Check out these champs and others whereas League’s rotating recreation mode, Final Spellbook, is dwell.

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