League of Legends’ Project L is bringing together the best parts of the fighting game genre

After two years of waiting, the coming of Riot Games and Radiant Entertainment League of Legends The ultimate fighting game has been reintroduced to the world. First introduced at EVO 2019, LOTS project was officially announced at League of Legends The live stream celebrates its 10th anniversary later that October. It was announced along with many other new projects for League and Riot, but LOTS project still stands out as the first seriously competitive fighting game of the existing American series. Appropriately, it’s back as part of a festival celebrating the first season of Arcane, cartoon League of Legends displayed at the same event.


League Both fans and the fighting game community are not sure what to expect from the upcoming fighting game. The prospect of a boxer made of money, online infrastructure, esports support, and Riot’s star property is certainly an intriguing one, but no one knew it would take the form of how. Radiant is led by Tom and Tony Cannon, founders of the EVO championship and GGPO recovery netcode creator, but the only game the team made was the one that was canceled Thunder is rising. Thunder is rising was, and still is in freeware, a competent traditional fighting game, but could feel it would be terrible if translated into LOTS project like it used to be. Fortunately, LOTS project is going in a whole new direction, and it looks like it’s drawing inspiration from the best resources the fighting game genre has to offer.

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What does Project L borrow from other fighting games

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Vita Felicia Tags In

At first glance, the new LOTS project The footage immediately impresses thanks to the new art style. The game now has a much more shaded look, reminiscent of Arc System Works’ 2.5D fighting games. While specifics like character faces vary, color usage and how some attacks have 3D swing or hit effects are very close to how Guilty Gear Xrd and Striving image processing. Whether this will result in the same still 3D camera panning to close loops like those games do is another matter, but the door is certainly open for something as dramatic.

Because of League of Legends art style displayed in the character models, LOTS project Just like another title from a gameplay perspective: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. MvC3 is a close and dear game heart of Radiant’s founding members, given that it was a mainstay at EVO during its seven years of life. This can also be seen in the card-based gameplay, the overall speed of the game, and the versatility of the characters.

However, this more modern approach to this style of play brings you to the attention Skullgirls and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, both games are also made by tweaking the game system of other fighting games. Gameplay wise, LOTS project possibly most similar to a 2v2 match taking place in Skullgirls, which headline predictors can test to potentially prepare themselves.

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What Project L is doing better

Ahri Darius Project L League of Legends

Of course, for all things LOTS project is borrowing from other games, there’s a lot that is working well in and of itself. The open approach to development is a big part, as fans have been provided with glimpses of the game in various stages of development, and more to come. Show a game before its mechanics are perfected is a bold move, as well as actively hiring employees throughout the development process. This shows that the development team is very excited about LOTS project as any fan and want to show off the cool things it’s been up to whenever it feels like they’re in a believable state.

Much more important to FGC than early builds are good netcode validation, and Riot’s casual online game focus has covered that. Fighting games have had a secondary online history when played outside of compact and controlled arcade environments. It’s only now in times of pandemic that the major Japanese fighting games have eliminated that.

There are still increasing difficulties in the form of a one-sided rollback in many games, but at least rollback netcode is becoming a genre standard. The Cannon brothers’ netcode development experience, combined with Riot’s server power, will prove to be a great multiplayer experience for all gamers, while also promising to deliver many interesting innovations and rare features on it.

What might result from Project L’s efforts?


With all that Riot and Radiant Entertainment are doing to LOTS project awesome, looks like the game will be the most refined 2D fighting game to date. That may just be the purpose of this title, though not just for Riot’s sake. For a long time, fighting games have had a strange niche: They’ve always been popular and recognized in the media, but they never seem to grow as much as the rest. of the industry. Guaranteed, Modern fighters have moved millions of copies, but it’s saying that the town’s current talk, Guilty Gear Strive, celebrates sales surpassing 500,000 in first week for the first time in Guilty Gearhistory of. For the original game genre built for overt competition, the player retention rates, post-launch viewership, and e-sports success of fighting games have been poor.

LOTS project would be an attempt to fix that. For the first time, a big-budget fighting game built on top of the preferred popular license has all the quality-of-life features that dedicated fighting games have built. At debut, there is a very good chance to LOTS project will put it Street fighter and Tekken Competitors to shame with high performing netcode, flexible and convenient lobbies, matchmaking and a host of other features such as rhythm-based matching testing and a large number of mining mode features create online and offline.

It is also the reason that LOTS project possibly the first big-name traditional fighting game that’s truly free to play at launch, with characters that earn quickly and high-quality cosmetics that need to be purchased, like League of Legends. LOTS project maybe Become the “perfect storm” of fighting games, simply by looking at its competitors to see what works and have the resources to do all of it. For the sake of the rivalry among fighting game developers, many are hoping it will be a success.

LOTS project Currently in development and has no confirmed release date.

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