League of Legends players use Ashe’s Volley to get a clean pentakill

Defeat multiple enemy players in League of Legends with a quick acting ability that always leaves you satisfied. However, when that one skill earns you a pentakill, it gets a lot sweeter.

One League players posted a clip of their playing Ashe to Reddit earlier today. In the clip, they used one of Ashe’s signature skills, Steering Wheel (W) to earn three lives at once and finish off a clean pentakill.

Player Ashe is facing a two-versus-five teamfight over the Howling Abyss, with the opposing team having enough incentive to continue a potentially game-changing teamfight. Even though player Ashe’s team is outnumbered by 2, their teammates still have a slight advantage when it comes to health bars. They used that advantage to their advantage, returning to the outer turret and dealing enough damage to turn the tide of the fight.

When they find themselves pinned to the wall, player Ashe launches a Volley, killing the enemy Camille attacking them at open range, as well as an enemy Veigar player in the backline.

Continuing to kite back, player Ashe received a significant amount of healing from a player Yuumi was attached to them. Once they were healthy enough to fight again thanks to Yuumi’s recovery, as well as activating one of the Howling Dungeon’s Health Relics, Ashe players were strong enough to face off in a two-on-three battle head-on.

Shockingly, the ensuing “fight” didn’t last long at all, with another use of Volley giving Ashe player three quick kills at once on enemies. Two passes close enough in time to award player Ashe a pentakill.

https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/league-player-uses-ashes-volley-to-earn-clean-pentakill League of Legends players use Ashe’s Volley to get a clean pentakill


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