Lead Data: The Solution to Appointment Setting by Belkins

Lead Sourcing Tips for Successful Appointment Setting by Belkins

Successful appointment setting is pivoted on the quality of data. You have the product or service and you want to sell it rigorously but your sales team takes ages to find prospects and nurture them to close. That’s because lead sourcing is tricky. More than one-third of new businesses report that the lack of leads is the biggest challenge in their lead generation efforts. 

No leads means no appointments scheduled, right? Bad leads give you poor-quality appointments where sales reps waste their time and have little or no positive results. However, businesses struggling with the top of their sales funnel can outsource sales leads from B2B lead generation company Belkins’. They just need to know how to choose among vendors that provide lead data for B2B sales. 

When looking to outsource lead generation, there are so many companies that sell business leads in almost any shape and form. Hand-curated lists, unqualified databases, generic leads, or leads generated according to your ICP. Take your pick. But how to say which one is the best?

Let’s first look into types of lead sourcing and then examine ways of choosing the best B2B lead generation company for partnership.

Defining lead sourcing for B2B appointment setting

In business-to-business sales, lead sourcing, or data sourcing, is an initial stage of lead generation where marketers and sales reps use one of the preferred methods to gather lead data and compile lead lists. Sourcing for B2B sales leads can include:

  • Compiling. Vendors who sell compiled data gather information on leads all over the Internet. Pulling from different sources like postal services, government agencies, telephone directories, etc., vendors can put up lead lists with email addresses, phone numbers, age, gender, credit data, and so on. On the one hand, sales teams love compiled data because they can use only the leads that match their demographics and ICPs. On the other hand, vendors compile lead databases once in a while and then sell them for some time, which means that when your reps lay their hands on the data, it is, more often than not, outdated. People nowadays change jobs frequently and quickly. If a lead list is 18 months old, it means that half the leads have changed their roles several times. Therefore, compiled data is the least accurate lead sourcing method.
  • Crowdsourcing. Crowdsourced database is a method of participatory data sourcing where people contribute their data (usually email addresses and phone numbers) for free or for a small fee (or some kind of incentives). People use social media, onsite forms, or smartphone apps to submit their contact information. When crowdsourcing, vendors have to rely on the source of data. As a result, lead information can be less accurate than vendors would prefer it. For instance, it is common for several sources to upload contact data on the same lead but all of that is outdated or inaccurate.
  • Self-reporting. Paradoxically, self-reported lead data that people leave about themselves on their social media profiles is not as accurate as it is expected. People notoriously have poor memory and a propensity to see themselves somewhat differently than what they really are. As a result, even though LinkedIn users provide personal information willingly, it can be quite inaccurate. Therefore, buy self-reported data only if vendors update it more often than once in 24 months.

How to choose a B2B lead generation company

Buying a lead list is easy. Choosing the right data vendor is difficult though. Before picking a B2B lead generation company, here are our best tips.

  • Identify your goals. Before you decide if you need a generic lead list or a thoroughly chosen database, check out your goals. Once you know what you need, you will better know the criteria for your lead lists. Better still, let the data vendor know your buyer personas to be sure a particular location, industry, or company size can be used as a filter.
  • Learn the origin of your leads. If you want to have a constant flow of leads to scale your business, you must be confident in the quality of data. Clarify with the vendor when and how they collected lead data and make sure you buy fresh and valid leads.  
  • Request data testing from a B2B lead generation company. Choose an agency that will allow you to test the lead list before buying. Many vendors offer free trials before signing a contract.
  • Cheap quality is rarely good. Price matters. These days it’s simply impossible to buy fresh, accurate lead data cheaply. If it’s cheap, the quality is low. Cheap leads is acceptable for some businesses that have the abundant salesforce to process the lead lists and are not hurrying to expand. If your business goals are different, think twice before buying something cheap.

Why outsourcing?

Lead sourcing and appointment setting are highly-specialized stages of the B2B sales funnel. Arranged by Belkins or by another agency, outsourced lead generation will help your company optimize productivity and increase revenue by providing sales-ready leads and ensuring scalability.

What are the other benefits of outsourcing B2B lead generation?

  • Updating mailing lists with valid and new details. Agencies often have a wide range of services. Not only can it sell ready-made lists, but a good vendor will also enrich your lead lists.
  • Accessing technological innovations. It’s humanly impossible to be cognizant of rapidly developing technology outside of your niche. Lead generation agencies know what data capturing software to use and what analytical tool will work better for you. Even better, some advanced agencies develop their own software to help their clients address their problems. In email outreach, email deliverability and spam filters are a terrible pain solved once and for all by an email spam checker.  
  • Expanding your business. Do you want to expand? An unlimited source of leads will never hamper your scalability. Even if the market is fluid and your Ideal Customer Profiles are changing all the time, a lead generation agency is accustomed to such working conditions.
  • Using in-house resources more efficiently. By outsourcing lead gen services, businesses can direct their in-house resources to doubling their closing rates and working with high-ticket accounts.

Why buy good data?

The top-quality lead data will facilitate lead research and lead generation for your sales teams to convert into customers. Using bad data, however, will slow down your marketing and lead nurturing campaigns. When sales people get inaccurate lead contacts, they waste a lot of their precious time on reaching out to leads that are no longer decision-makers or have changed their places of work. Outsourcing appointment setting by Belkins will bring you highly qualified leads the bulk of which will be converted into sales. If you want fresh, decent leads, contact our team for more information on lead research and appointment setting. 

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