Law’s name in Tales of Arise is ironic

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Tales of Arise focuses on the rebels’ struggles in the face of overwhelming oppression, so having a character named Law feels ironic.

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Like any title in the JRPG genre, Tales of Arise There is no shortage of great characters. From a book-smart mage, holding grudges to being aloof, Renan is emotionless, who softens with timethose that go along with the main character Alphen are also very eclectic as they are very entertaining, and certainly central to the appeal of the game.

Tales of Arise often relies on its characters to get through a familiar plot. Taking down five overbearing lords in the beautiful yet oppressive setting of Dahna allows the story to progress at a rapid pace, with each new lord being covered by another diverse area. However, this means that when the story begins to slow down, players can always rely on their unlikely cast of heroes to keep the plot alive. One such character, Law, was acquired after a tumultuous trip to Cyslodia, and although he has developed well, he comes with a hint of irony.


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In the name of the law


Law is a seasoned warrior who joins the group after defecting from the Cysloden Observation Bureau. He is the son of Zephyr, leader of the resistance group The Crimson Crows. Zephyr’s love for Law is evident when he is captured and refused to fight his son, and as rebel struggles have taken over Zephyr’s life, he admits to the struggles of Zephyr’s life. his mistakes as a father before it’s too late. It was a great scene in a dark story for Stories Franchisingbut as Zephyr goes on about his commitment to the revolution, the player thinks he’s still naming his son Law.

Law is short-tempered and pushes himself to be as proficient as Alphen in combat situations. He, over time, develop a warm relationship with Rinwell, which allows him to feel like he’s part of an adventure party that ends up being a lost family. A character much more comfortable using his powers than his brain, Law’s tactics are often out of order, and having a father committed to going against Renan’s rule, it’s no surprise that he We turn to use our physical abilities to break the rules.

Intentional irony


Zephyr’s inclusion in the story only lasts for the first 10 hours of the game, and Tales of Arise takes an average of 40 hours to complete, so the player will spend more time with his son than the leader of the Crimson Crows. Aside from the ironic name, Law is a welcome addition who brings another layer of complexity to the group, but since the main prologue to the character is his decision to rebel against Renan’s rule, it’s unlikely Surely a name more suitable for a rebel would be a better omen.

The problem is that Law’s sarcastic name may have been a deliberate, deliberate decision by his father; perhaps an attempt to restore some balance to which his dedication to the rebellion had affected. Zephyr admits that he has no regrets continuing his war against the Renans, so it’s not like he named his son at a time when he wasn’t dedicated to the cause. Maybe a name as obvious as Law is his attempt to soften his actions.

Tales of Arise is about the right thing


At its core, Tales of Arise is about the difference between what’s legal and what’s right. Renans’ merciless rule over the Dahnan may be abiding by the laws of the setting, but it’s far from moral/Law being the character that best demonstrates this. As a member of the Cysloden Bureau of Observation, he is cold, aloof, and devoid of any real emotions, but when he joins the group in pursuit of doing the right thing, the depth of his personality increases up 10 times.

Tales of Arise Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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