Larry David’s original Curb Your Enthusiasm Ending would have been perfect

Larry David has confirmed that there will be a 12th season of Curb your enthusiasm is being worked on. There is no release date for the next installment of curb Saga, but the His field The co-creator’s ad-libbed antics will eventually be back on HBO’s airwaves. That’s great curb Fans have a new season to look forward to, but the producers’ original plan to end with the final season would have been perfect. In conversation with the Hollywood reporterDavid’s co-writer and showrunner Jeff Schaffer revealed the original plans to conclude the series with the season 11 finale.


Schaffer tells THR“Every season is the last season.” David and Co. Never go into a season of curb with the intention of doing more afterwards. Making the show is such a massive undertaking — intertwining storylines, improvising dialogue, reducing hours of footage to snappy 30-minute episodes — that the curb Team never plans more than one season at a time. So each season acts as a possible last season.

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Some of the series’ season finale episodes would have made great series finales. Season 3 ended with Larry showing his solidarity with a chef with Tourette’s Syndrome by shouting a series of expletives. Jeff, Cheryl, Richard Lewis and everyone else in the restaurant follow suit, launching rant after rant in quick succession. The camera pushing through a crowd of restaurant patrons and swearing at the proud expression on Larry’s face would have been a perfect final shot for the series. Similarly, the season 4 finale would have broadcast curb into high gear with Larry’s Broadway debut as Max Bialystock The producers. The fifth season finale is literally called “The End”. Larry dies, goes to heaven and meets his angelic guides before being sent back to earth because it’s not his time.

In Season 8, Larry moves to New York for a few months just to avoid helping out at a charity event. The season ends with Larry moving all the way to Paris to discharge yet another charitable commitment. In Season 9, Larry is sentenced to death by the Ayatollah and desperately tries to get it overturned. It ends with Larry being chased by an Iranian who didn’t hear the fatwa was lifted. In season 10, Larry opens a “spite store” next to Mocha Joe’s coffee shop to put him out of business. It ends with the defiance shop being burned down and Mocha Joe buying a “top house” next to Larry.

Any of those season finales could have been a series finale and curb Fans would have been satisfied. But the ending David and Schaffer had in mind for season 11 would have been a lot more definitive. While filming the final episode, the crew got a shot of Larry’s dramatic death scene – just in case they wanted to use it. Schaffer joked, “If we ride like this, let’s go like this!” They got the shot but decided to keep the season more open-ended with a more ambiguous fate for Larry after David Schaffer said, “I’m not ready to die.”

Killing Larry might seem like a step too far for a sitcom, but this is no ordinary sitcom. Throughout the show, Larry has invited a sex offender to Passover, stole flowers from a memorial, and posed as an incest survivor. In the season 11 finale alone, Larry threatened Alexander Vindman, persuaded a monogamous Mormon to try polygamy, and stole a pair of shoes from an exhibit at the Holocaust Museum. His untimely death would provide a surprisingly fitting ending for the series.

It would have fitted particularly well at the end of the Season 11 story arc. Schaffer tells THR that the season’s arc was “too perfect” for an ending with Larry biting the dust. The season began with a man drowning in Larry’s pool, à la Twilight Boulevard. After Larry was threatened with legal action and even jail time for not having a five foot fence around the pool, Larry was blackmailed by the victim’s brother into casting his incredibly untalented daughter in his new streaming series.

Throughout the season, Larry campaigned for a mayoral candidate, donated a boatload of money to political campaigns, and dated an unrelentingly awkward councilwoman (brilliantly played by guest star Tracey Ullman) in a desperate bid to repeal the five-foot-tall fence law. After going through all that trouble just removing fences from pools, the ending with Larry drowning in a pool without a fence would have been pathologically ironic and a perfect ending to this delightfully cynical sitcom.

Other than that more curb is never bad. If Larry died in season 11, season 12 wouldn’t come. So maybe the writers made the right decision by letting him live.

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