Land of Screens is a modernized version of the classic Point-and-Click adventure game like

The upcoming release of Serenity Forge, Land of the screen, is a point-and-click adventure that will challenge players to re-examine their ties to the social network. The film’s central character, Holland, is an editor about to embark on a journey, but her recent breakup has caused her social media to explode. The game is a gentle yet impactful exploration of how she can stay alive and learn to disconnect.

Developer, known for Doki Doki Literature Club Plus as well as a host of other thought-provoking titles, founded by Zhenghua “Z” Yang. Z recently spoke with Game Rant about the new game and his career as a developer, and the impact he hopes to have. Land of the screen possible on its players.


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How classic point-and-click adventures inspired the Land of Screens

Day of the Tentacles Bernard Bernoulli, Laverne and Hoagie

Z recalls the classic LucasArts point-and-click adventure Day of Tentacles when citing inspiration for Serenity Forge’s latest upcoming game. “It’s a ‘North Star’ for a lot of our design philosophies,” he said. “It has a lot of very strong educational elements; they can teach history and science, and that’s really the old-fashioned nineties PC game design philosophy that you don’t see very often these days… “In Land of the screen, players will navigate trying to unplug from the social network through a road trip, meeting all sorts of new friends along the way.

“We want to give that old-school value back. You’re making a video game, which is going to be played by people who have lives and we need to take responsibility for them to take something away from us. spending time and money on something we’re selling.”

Other influences include titles like Monkey island, as well as the games that helped shape Land of the screen‘unique art style. “We also took a lot of inspiration from the ‘toon’ version of Zelda – Toon Link, Windbreaker art style – with big, huge expressions, because we wanted these characters to be instantly recognizable and you could connect with them as a player. ”

Other special releases have also helped to inform the look and feel of the game. “Some of the main inspirations will be more modern games like Night in the forest, especially the visual style, “Z explained.”Foster’s homepage for imaginary friends also a really good example of something that we care about and appreciate very much in terms of art style. ”

Why Land Of Screen is the perfect fit for modern lifestyle

The Land of Screens 2 CROPPED

Serenity Forge’s motto is “create impactful games that challenge the way you think” and the developer is therefore not satisfied with the Land of the screen merely a splendid, nostalgic beauty point and click experience. Z also wants to encourage players to re-evaluate their relationship with social media, as it becomes increasingly popular in society.

“One of the really cool things about being a millennial is that when you grow up, you really don’t have this technology. You might think back to your early teen years, your first experience with the Internet, and what it was like. Today, that’s the norm, it’s everyday life. ”

This means that new generations are being born in a world where this technology is completely normal, while millennials have to adapt or be left behind. Land of the screen observe how we have transitioned “from where technology is fun and exciting to where technology is essential to existence,” explains Z. We’ve gone from no phones to flip phones to smartphones, and now we’ve lived on smartphones pretty much for the past decade or so. ”

Z also details how one of the game’s scenes highlights the difference between malicious online behavior and real-life interactions. He explained: “There is a scene in the game where two trolls on the forum meet face-to-face and actually meet. “And they realized, ‘I’m Yussef, and nice to meet you, I guess.’ And now they’re just two people, and they’re really fans of something, and they really have a lot in common. ”

Z hopes this illustration will help people think differently about their future social media interactions. “We’re so disconnected from humans through technology, and we just want people to play this game and think about it: ‘Maybe next time I send someone a malicious comment, there’s really someone just sitting there with their phone and reading it.'”

In a world where news is constantly abused online, this kind of challenging narrative feels very trendy. Fans are eager to experience Serenity ForgeTheir thought-provoking new title should be able to reach them in time by Christmas 2021.

Land of the screen Released in December 2021 for Mac, PC, and Switch.

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