KOTOR Remake should change its gameplay

In the vast library of Star Wars games accumulated over the years, no game is more widely loved Knight of the old republic. A compelling main story, some first-rate world building, and characters each with their own distinct personalities and motivations, all of which come together to make Knight of the old republic not just an excellent person Star Wars game, but a great RPG.

For years, fans have been asking for a remake of the game. Not just a port to the current console, but a complete remake, like Final Fantasy 7 just received. Fans are getting what they’re asking for, as KOTOR remake was announced last year, exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC. Based on a recent rumor going around KOTOR change the gameplay, Aspyr is clearly improving on the combat mechanics from the original, but it shouldn’t really worry fans.


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Errors explained with KOTOR’s Original Combat

Will We Ever Get Knights of the Old Republic 3? - Game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Knight of the old republic is still maintained to this day in many ways. Its story remains as compelling, even if the player knows the essentials, KOTOR charactors are also easy to understand and unique, and the game has so many world-building references and lore that subsequent plays are all but essential to capturing them.

However, KOTORTurn-based combat hasn’t aged yet. The base game, like previous BioWare titles, uses a dice rolling system, based on board games like Dungeons & Dragons. For each player’s attack, a set of dice hidden behind the scenes rolls, deciding whether the hit lands or not. The system is the same for all attacks in the game, from flash shot, to faster power shot and force power, everything is decided by rolling a dice.

In theory, the system is fully functional, and rightly so, but it doesn’t do a very good job of attracting players. In most of the original battle scenario KOTOR, the player will choose a series of attacks while the game is paused and watch them play out before pausing the game again and choosing the attacks they want to use next. While the action is technically real-time, it’s often beneficial and even necessary in some of the more difficult battles, pausing the constant action so you can plan some of the action ahead of time. next country.

This leads to some potentially compelling strategies, but the stop/start nature of the encounters can leave players feeling a bit disconnected from the onscreen action. Especially when the attacks repeatedly missed, no feedback was given on what the player did wrong, they simply indicated that hidden factors were preventing their attack from landing. . When it comes back to the game today, this lack of feedback can be quite jarring at times, with the KOTOR player character clearly shows attacking an enemy and animating the enemy to seem to confirm the attack, but the game says the attack missed.

Compare this game with today’s average modern action game, in something like Dark souls, each player’s sword swing has its own animation that clearly shows that the hit has landed or missed. Players can instantly know what they did to get them on target, or what they did wrong that resulted in a miss, and can therefore use that information to inform their next move. In KOTOR, players cannot adapt or change their play style or input to guarantee success, they can only sit there and hope their attack lands.

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KOTOR Remake: Change everything, but keep the original essence

The lack of player interaction with the original KOTORCombat is a pretty big deal when replaying the game today. While KOTOR definitely one of the best Star Wars Game, its turn-based gameplay was never the reason it made the top 10 list. That’s why fans should welcome the idea of ​​gameplay switching, if it’s done right, it can do KOTOR one of the best RPGs of all time and took it from an almost perfect game to a perfect one.

While it may seem a bit daunting at first, fans are not wrong to feel skeptical about a change to one of their favorite games. However, evidence that this type of alteration can work, and even improve upon the original, is available in the form of Final Fantasy 7 remake. The FF7 remake manage to keep the essence of the original combat encounters while completely reworking its combat system, giving it a more action-packed form of gameplay.

Iconic move from the original Final Fantasy 7 still present in the remake, but already associated with the ability to timer can be used throughout a battle, slowing time while the player chooses to move instead of stopping the match altogether. This preserves the balance and essence of the original game, with a timer element that mimics the original turn-based combat, while making the battle feel more engaging by keeping the momentum of the game alive. moving encounters. This allows the player to directly control each of their characters’ slashes and slashes.

The same formula can be used for Knight of the old republic redo. Classic force strength and ability from the original KOTOR, like Sniper Shot, Critical Strike, and Force Storm, all of which can be mapped to an ability wheel or menu, slowing down time while the player chooses one. This will keep the battle tense and engaging, as players will not pause the fight but will retain the core abilities of the original game that have become such a big part of the fan experience. Perennial.

Again lesson that KOTOR redo can be taken from FF7 remake is how that game handles companionability. In the original KOTOR, swapping between characters at the start of battle and in the process aligning their next moves is a chore, with some complicated and sometimes buggy controls that will put the companions on edge. The action forgets the moves the player has just spent time selecting.

In the remake, companion actions can be mapped with a few taps on triggers and pads, just like in Final Fantasy 7 remake. Instead of having to manually pause and cycle between characters, choose their moves, and repeat the process for 30 seconds, the remake can reuse that slow time mechanic to keep the action moving. moving forward, while remaining the same companion game that’s important to KOTOR experience.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake in development for PC and PS5.

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