Kirby’s Epic Yarn Will Get A New Life On Nintendo Switch

Kirby’s Epic Yarn remains one of the best games in franchise history, and it could be a great fit for the Nintendo Switch.

Kirby's Epic Yarn Switch Remaster

Nintendo has a reputation for taking some creative risks with its biggest first-party franchises. Whether it is the FLUDD mechanic in Super Mario Sunshine or the birth of Wolf Link in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessNintendo has proven time and time again that it’s not afraid to go bold new directions with some of its most sacred names. One of the names that has been consistently featured in Nintendo’s testing is Kirby franchise, and there are few more unique games for more pink balls Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Nintendo Wii.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn combined a lovely art style with innovative new gameplay mechanics to create one of the most inspiring titles in the character’s long history. So unfortunately the only way back to this revival for Kirby franchise is if the gamers hold Wiior get the New Nintendo 3DS and grab it Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn at the end of the console’s lifecycle. For a game that has had an effect on Kirby Nintendo’s recent franchise and craft-related titles, a larger remake seems to be in the works, and the Switch has consistently proven to be a great place to revisit a number of titles. Nintendo’s biggest in years.


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Turn on Wii Remaster Treatment for Kirby


Over the past few years, Nintendo has finally embarked on a remake of some of its biggest titles on the Nintendo Wii. Super Mario Galaxy in Super Mario 3D All-Stars proved to be a pretty clear remake of this year’s and landmark Wii title The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD was released to mostly positive reviews from critics as well as fans. Give Kirby’s Epic Yarn a full remake on Switch will continue the tradition of celebrating one of Nintendo’s most unique consoles, while ensuring that Kirby get equal representation among other Nintendo heavyweight reps.

Supporting Kirby’s Future

Kirby Song Nominated for a Grammy Award

NS Kirby franchises have always been a bit odd compared to some of Nintendo’s other first-party offerings. While it never hibernates like Star fox, fox or F-Zero, it also doesn’t get the same support as Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is actually a great example of this, as it was the franchise’s first major home console release in nearly ten years when it first launched. The franchise got some more games on the Wii U and Kirby Star Allies has been the standout release on Switch so far, but has lacked overall ambition until very recently.

Notice of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a big surprise for fans of Dream Land’s hero, and the game’s early footage looks promising. The game’s 3D gameplay and colorful style are reminiscent of the creativity of Epic Yarn, and once The Forgotten Land release, rebuild Epic Yarn can be a great way to keep Kirby at the forefront of Nintendo properties. When Mario and Zelda could be big money makers, fans have proven before that many of them will support a franchise revival if Nintendo is willing to do the same.

No known plans to carry Kirby’s Epic Yarn back with any possibility soon, but it’s hard to doubt how good that chance might be. The game was a landmark title for both the Wii and NS Kirby Franchisingand representing that legacy on Switch could please a lot of fans. Hopefully, if Kirby and the Forgotten Land As expected, fans can revisit the past adventures of Nintendo’s loveliest mascot at some point in the future.

THAN: Kirby And The Forgotten Land Rated by ESRB

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Kirby is one of Nintendo’s biggest and best-selling franchises, but its spin-offs often go unnoticed despite its occasional dramatic innovations.

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