King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie

King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie is a video game created and posted by Ubisoft in 2005. This game is offered in the action-adventure kind and has already gained great popularity among video game lovers. It is established in the famous film King Kong. According to the act, the game tells about the screenwriter from New York, Jack Driscoll. His beloved Ann Darrow was renounced by the people of Skull Island to the enormous gorilla Kong, and he struggles to save her.

The gameplay of King Kong

According to the story of the game, all events are in 1933. The gamers may play Jack Driscoll, who is a New York screenwriter, and King Kong, an enormous gorilla. During the game, they meet various threats and try their best to survive on Skull Island.

When you are Jack, the action is in the first person. It is worth mentioning that from the very start, the game does not have a panel with the amount of ammunition, a reticle, and a health panel, that is, it may be concluded that the game does not really emphasize the role of the HUD display. Nevertheless, it encourages the gamer to search for different techniques, and alternative types of weapons, thus, it creates an additional challenge.

The play also proposes levels where you can head Kong itself. In these levels, you can watch the unique geography of Skull Island and protect Anne while fighting diverse huge creatures. The game for Kong takes place in the third person. In such levels, the gamer has the opportunity to capture, hit, and use mixed things as weapons. Kong can rise, bite, pound his hands on his chest, showing its rage, and throw enemies. The golden hue of the sky is a sign that Kong has gone into rage mode. In this mode, the gorilla becomes less weak and much stronger. Boss battles on many levels take place from the role of Kong. Jack’s weapon is less effective in such cases.

A remarkable feature of the play is that it can have an alternative finale, according to which Kong can be rescued during his fight with the aircraft and safely come back to Skull Island. Nevertheless, unlocking the alternate ending is quite a challenge. This requires beating the whole game and then replaying some levels to gain a total of 250,000 points. Or you may pass it using cheat codes.

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The plot of the game

The plot begins with director Carl Denham in 1933 gaining access to a hidden map that indicates the place of Skull Island, a gigantic island in the far Pacific Ocean. The director hires actress Anne Darrow, a playwright to write the screenplay, and a captain, and the steamship “Venture” sets off in search of this island. The craft reaches the island, but because of the stormy weather, the boat crashes, and some crew members die.

A desperation signal is sounded to draw the attention of a saving aircraft. Some unpleasant adventures befall the company. The director wants to attempt to film some shots for the film and asks the actress Anne to shout. At her cry, they hear a strange roar.

The group continues its journey through the island, combating various creatures. At some point, they must split. Screenwriter Jack and Anne are caught by the residents. Ann is carried away by the massive gorilla Kong, and Jack, who is tied up at that time, has nothing to do but simply watch. Director Carl saves Jack and they escape. The team decides to search for Anne. During this rather difficult task, some team members die. They face many struggles to save their lives from various creatures. Nevertheless, it is worth telling that Kong also helps in some moments of fighting terrible monsters.

Finally, Jack saves Anne and sees a place where the saving plane can land. But when the plane lands on the water to rescue the rest of the crew, it is attacked by a Vi-rex. Ann decides to call Kong to the save, and a struggle starts, during which some other crew members die. Kong takes Anne away again. That part of the company that survived gets on a plane and escapes, while Jack doesn’t leave the island and attempts to rescue his beloved again. And Jack succeeds. Kong chases after them, but he falls into a trap where he is doused with chloroform and knocked unconscious. It is taken to New York and exhibited on Broadway. But Kong escapes and starts destroying the city. He discovers the location of Anne and brings her to the highest point of the Empire State Building, in that place he is killed. However, we have already said that the game has an alternate ending with Kong being rescued.


King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie is a great, moving game that keeps you in suspense and provides you with unforgettable emotions. And the possibility of an alternative ending is the highlight of the game. Despite some technical flaws, the game is definitely worth playing.

Huynh Nguyen

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