Kim Kardashian – Research claims Reality Stars’ “thin” body shape is more harmful to body image

Kim Kardashian – Research claims Reality Star’s “thin-thick” body is
More harmful to body image

In a time when it seems that most women aspire to have an hourglass figure, a ‘slender’ body; Turns out that might not be the healthiest image to achieve. A recent study conducted by York University of Toronto found that “thin-thick” images as seen in Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jennerand Beyoncé makes young women more dissatisfied with their bodies than the “thin” body type as in Kate Moss. The ideal “thin-thick” body — defined by researchers as “a more curvaceous or fuller body type, characterized by a small waist and flat stomach but large buttocks, breasts, and thighs” —has become widespread in recent years, especially due to social media.

The real study is named 41 years old Skims boss and her sister Kylie Jenner as influencers contribute to women feeling dissatisfied with their bodies because of their online content and huge following.


Kim Kardashian

On the other hand, the ‘thin’ body type describes a slim figure with a flat stomach and small waist, like Kate Moss or Zoe Kravitz and ‘fit’ describes more toned and strong female bodies. The researchers found that women who were shown ‘thin-thick’ photos online were more dissatisfied with their weight and appearance. The new study was carried out by Sarah McComb and Jennifer Mills, two researchers at York University in Toronto, Canada. In discussing their study, the researchers expressed,

“Heavier models with large buttocks and thighs do not provide the ideal body shape that is healthier or more realistic than the “fit” or “thin” ideal, but may actually be the most harmful body type ideal for women. with female body image based current detection. “


Zoe Kravitz

For this study, researchers recruited 402 female college students, all between the ages of 18 and 25. Some of the students were shown different photos of women on Instagram with three different body types: ‘thin-thick’, ‘thin’ or ‘ideal-fit’, while others were put under control. The group of students in the controlled condition viewed 13 photos sourced from attractive home decor and interior pages.

According to the researchers,

“These images were chosen because they are believed to reflect non-body content that female users are likely to see on Instagram.”

Meanwhile, participants who expressed one of three body ideals were asked to compare themselves to what they saw in the photo. According to the study, the results showed that imaging of all three body types resulted in greater weight and appearance dissatisfaction and less overall body satisfaction, compared with the control condition. According to the researchers,

“Research shows that women exposed to the ‘thin-thick’ ideal feel more dissatisfied with their weight and shape, and less satisfied with their bodies in general.”

While being thin used to be the body image women most wanted, it seems like things have definitely changed!

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