Kim Kardashian: Canceling culture is ‘ridiculous’


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Kim Kardashian, love it or hate her, is a grotesque celebrity. And being famous means people want your opinion on everything. Bari Weiss, who used to be controversial New York Times writers, are acutely aware of this and want talk to reality show star about her popularity and motivations.

Turns out the Kardashians have their fair share of those things, especially when it comes to the so-called cancellation culture.

Weiss asked Kardashian directly about cultural appropriation.

“Sometimes you’re accused of cultural appropriation for the hairstyle or the outfit you’ve worn. I remember there was once an uproar because people felt that the Instagram filter you used was too dark,” Weiss said. “But sometimes, you respond to these criticisms, sometimes even making a big change. After a lot of criticism about the name of your profiler company—it was originally called Kimono—you changed it to SKIMS. How do you decide when to react and when to protect yourself against internet addicts? “

Kardashian said when it comes to that topic, she never wants to take anything lightly, no matter what her intentions (which she says are good).

In the case of Kimono and that name change, it was an innocent name the team came up with. But when I received a letter from Japanese officials, I took it very seriously. It’s not even a question. I immediately halted production, and there are many products in production. I said, “Give me a week,” and I had to think of a new name. Anyone who is starting a business knows how difficult it is to create a name, commercialize it and everything, but it’s not a no-no.

However, Kardashian says, if she worries about “every last thing someone says,” she’ll never be herself.

That’s why I think canceling culture is the most ridiculous thing, because I really believe – you and I have had a couple of dinners together where people discuss their thoughts on it – in restoration and freedom of speech. I’ve never really gotten into the cancellation culture.

Okay, so canceling culture is absurd for the Kardashians. She is a little meticulous.

I believe that if we cancel someone because of something they did or said in the past, we don’t invite them into the conversation to really understand. It depends on the situation. You probably don’t care if it’s completely ridiculous. But it’s a good line. That’s what you were asking in the original question: When do you let something go? And have you ever had thick skin and don’t care what people say about you?

She went on to say, “The less I care about reputation, the less I care about correcting others.”

I don’t really care what people think of me, but sometimes I say, “Okay, I totally understand how disrespectful you are going to feel and I’m going to completely change this. ” I always recognize the mistakes I make and I try not to make them again. It’s just the way I live my life. But I think if you don’t have these conversations with people, how are they going to change something that’s not right?

There are several other gems in the article as well. Apparently, Kardashian tried to dissuade Kanye West, prove that cancel culture is not real, wearing MAGA hat on Saturday night live. And Kardashian loves too hoarder. Perhaps one day she will be a guest; Women own a lot of things.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/kim-kardashian-cancel-culture-is-ridiculous/ Kim Kardashian: Canceling culture is ‘ridiculous’


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