Kim Jong Un Admits Things Are Getting ‘Tense’ as North Korea Faces Utter Devastation

North Korea has never been the most efficient of the nations providing food for its people.

In the 1990s, the hermit kingdom experienced one of the worst famines in the modern era. Hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, of people died of starvation, and the event was later referred to as the “March of Toil”.

Former Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il forbidden the words “famine” and “starvation”, as they implied that his regime was failing, and if anyone said that the spike in deaths was due to starvation, they would be severely punished.

Now, as the country faces another famine, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un actually admits there is a problem, according to a CNBC report.

The dictator described the current situation as “tense” and stated that North Korea’s agricultural sector “did not complete the grain production plan” as a result of a typhoon last year.


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The Pyongyang Times, a state-controlled media, reported that during a meeting of the central committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim said that “having a good harvest is a military task that the party and the government have our country must make as a matter of top priority. people stabilize their lives and firmly build socialism”.

Next, Kim lamented that “the conditions and environment for the revolutionary struggle had gotten worse as we entered this year” but asserted that “the country’s economy as a whole has improved.”

NK News, is a trusted Korean-American news service that covers events in North Korea, an inside source told them the country is experiencing a spike in prices, with shampoo selling for $200 a bottle and a kilo of bananas (2.2 lbs) going for $45. la.

If this is what we are calling improvement, I don’t want to see a recession.

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According to the Pyongyang Times, the leader concluded that “directing all efforts on farming this year” will be one of the top priorities of the state for the rest of the year, among other concerns. domestic and international.

Naturally, abusive dictators don’t care about their people, so Kim is in fact gearing up for Pope Francis’ visit instead of grocery shopping or reshaping economic policies. .

The fact that Kim Jong Un actually acknowledged the problem almost certainly means that the suffering is beyond imagination and that the country could face something much worse than it was in the 1990s.


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If the government can deny the problem, it will – and the fact that it does not imply that it must be clear that the populace is not satisfied with the government they have been brainwashed to worship.

I suspect that, due to pandemic-related border restrictions, ordinary aid from China will come. The country will truly be left to itself.

The people who lived there did not choose to live in most autocratic country on the planet, and my heart goes out to them. No one deserves to see their family wasted.

I can say that I hope for change in North Korea, but I don’t think there will be for a very long time.

Kim Jong Un Admits Things Are Getting ‘Tense’ as North Korea Faces Utter Devastation

Huynh Nguyen

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