Kanye Rumor Poster Allegedly Participating in Plot to Bring Trump Back to Office: If You Don’t Tell Everything, You’ll Go to Jail

Kanye West

Reportedly Kanye West’s Journalist Alleged Involved In Plot To Get Trump Back In Office: If You Don’t Tell Everything, You’ll Go To Jail

Kanye West’s The commentator is said to have ties to a former president of the United States.

The alleged publicity of the 43-year-old man, Trevian Kutti, supposedly in the middle of some dark political drama. Trevian Kutti supposedly friends with the former President Donald Trump. The billions of dollars she amassed is said to be what binds her to him.


Ruby Freeman62 years old, was an interim pollster in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. After Donald Trump Losing the election, he began working to reverse the decision. By some way, Ruby Freeman–Along with her daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss–Has a goal in Donald Trump Report a conspiracy to return to the Oval Office.

At the beginning of December, trumpet and his campaign is accused Ruby and her daughter assisting in voter fraud. County and state officials denied these claims; However, trumpet and his associates allegedly continued to harass the women, sending threatening messages to them and their family members. Their alleged goal is to achieve Ruby to confess to voter fraud.

On January 4th – a few weeks after the election–Trevian Kutti and an unidentified black man appeared on the Ruby’s door step. She is said to have started the warning Ruby that something bad could happen to her in 48 hours if she doesn’t listen. Ruby Was a bit reluctant to speak to her at first due to all the threats she had received but is said to have agreed to speak to her if police were present.


Trevian Kutti

When an officer arrives on the scene, Trevian allegedly told him she was a crisis manager. She also mentioned that she was sent by a high-ranking individual.

Trevian and Ruby’s The conversation was recorded on the officer’s body camera. On the record, Trevian is said to have said:

“I cannot say specifically what will happen. I just know that it will break your freedom.”

She continued:

“…And the liberty of one or more members of your family.”

She then called a suspicious man and put him on speakerphone to talk to Ruby. Regarding an odd character, she is said to have said:

“[he has] authoritative powers for your protection. “

Final, Trevian was reported to say:

“If you don’t tell everything, you’ll be jailed.”

Their conversation ended there.

On January 5, Ruby allegedly received a call from an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has firmly suggested that she move out of her home, where she has resided for 20 years, saying she is in grave danger.

Court documents in a defamation lawsuit that Ruby and her daughter allegedly filed last week saying Trevian’s The alert has been validated. On January 6, an angry mob trumpet Supporters have surrounded her home. Ruby left a few hours earlier.

Just two months ago Trevian met Ruby, Kanye West’s Attempts to claim a presidential title have failed. Some have alleged that By Kanye campaign – powered by trumpet–Has been used to discourage black voters from voting for Joe Biden.


Sources could not confirm whether Trevian Kutti, who used to work for singer R&B R kelly, currently By Kanye publisher. They were also unable to confirm whether she was still in contact with him.

Do you think Kanye West and his agent were really involved in this situation? Leave us your comments and let us know!


https://thejasminebrand.com/2021/12/11/kanyes-rumored-publicist-allegedly-involved-in-plot-to-get-trump-back-in-office-if-you-dont-tell-everything-youre-going-to-jail/ Kanye Rumor Poster Allegedly Participating in Plot to Bring Trump Back to Office: If You Don’t Tell Everything, You’ll Go to Jail


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