Kalista scores a level 1 pentakill after being amazingly rooted by Neeko for 5 people

In League of Legends, the action often starts early with teams frequently looking to engage in the first two minutes of the game through the opposing jungle.

Sometimes, once players spot each other, they will forgo further aggression and go back to their standard original activities. Other times, they go all out, which can lead to a huge early game advantage. This clip is the perfect example of the latter.

The video begins with both teams advancing through the jungle below their opponents. Thanks to the different routes taken by each team, they avoid each other for the first thirty seconds of the game.

Once the teams encounter each other in the jungle, they will join the battle. At first, it seems that the reds are in a favorable position, thanks to Qiyana’s health dropping very quickly. But Neeko came to the rescue, taking down an impressive Tangle-Barbs (E), and killing 5 enemies at once.

That’s when the bloodshed began. Darius recklessly tries to finish Qiyana by closing the gap with Flash. But, after using the Summoner’s Magic, he was the first to fall before Kalista’s hand.

Although the red team lost their allies, they did not hesitate to follow up. However, they lacked coordination and one green champion, Talon, lost his life. While the red team went to great lengths to finish off Qiyana and take down Dr. Mundo, Kalista wreaked havoc.

The chain of elimination events in favor of the Spear of Vengeance begins. Alistar and Hecarim were the second and third champions to fall to Kalista, before Samira and Zoe suffered the same fate as their teammates, giving Kalista a level one pentakill.

Thank op.gg—A statistics website dedicated to League—We can see that Kalista’s team won the game in less than 35 minutes. However, it’s not as overnight as you might imagine. The opponents fought well, despite falling behind in the early stages of the game.

Finally, Kalista isn’t even the player with the most damage to champions. This statistic was stated by Neeko, the real hero of level one battle. The player ends the game with 44,119 damage.

So remember, the key to success in League often down to support, despite all the lives the marksman picks up throughout the game.

https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/kalista-scores-a-pentakill-at-level-1 Kalista scores a level 1 pentakill after being amazingly rooted by Neeko for 5 people


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