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Join the fight and destroy the evil kaiju.

The world emerges from the darkness. The unchanging law brought about the beginning of everything, and with it the Kaiju. Accidentally taken out of the world, the first creatures appeared, bringing life to another barren planet. Balance and power are in their nature, setting them apart from the chaotic universe that surrounds them. Movement and time have shaped the world, transforming it into something different with each passing day; However, the Elders, Kung and Godzira, rule the planet unaffected by either of these forces. They have seen everything around them change. Tiny creatures began to roam the corners of the globe, plants sprouted from a once-dead land, fish moved in seas and oceans, unconcerned with most things.

Every living thing respects the elders. Even the small, too small to understand the scale of their power, got out of their way. Elders rarely get involved in worldly affairs. As they did, taking a place between the immortality of nature and the death of the works that created it, meant a sort of disconnection from the world. However, everything changed when other Kaiju appeared. All over the world, just like the Elders had, other powerful beings appeared. At first, they followed the example of all other living creatures and bowed before the elders, respecting their wisdom and acknowledging that their strength was not equal to theirs. However, this changed as their numbers increased. There was a rule up until now that the Kaiju would not alter the course of nature by destroying its forests and killing its beasts, and it seems the new Kaiju doesn’t follow these rules. . Although this angered the Elders, there was little that could be done if a war was to be avoided.

The newer Kaiju see this hesitation as a gift, and continue to go against the interests of the Elders. By the time humans appeared, the newer Kaiju had already amassed an incredible amount of power. Humans – still children in the way they act – idolized the newer Kaiju, and for that same reason despised the Elders. Several hundred years have passed and man’s adoration of these Kaiju has grown exponentially. It had reached a point where the Elders could not be ignored, which led them to send their minions, their servants, to try to break the disobedience of these lesser beings. The Kajiu and Human Alliance had been fighting against the Elders’ minions for many years, and both sides suffered heavy losses, increasing anger towards each other.

By the time the last of the Elders’ minions were annihilated, Kung and Godzirahad accepted that their intervention was inevitable. From their ancient resting places, the two giants walked the earth once more, causing the earth to shake under their power and scaring almost every creature to distant refuge. The world braced itself for a clash it had never seen before, a confrontation between the first creatures and their descendants, a war that would leave a scar on the face of the earth.

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