Junker Queen Guide (Tips, Skills and More)

Junker Queen was a hard-to-define hero in the first game. With a total of two tanks, a front line with many shields was necessary. Was there really a place for a damage-first tank up front? With the Deathmatch you feel in surveillance 2Junker Queen is now one of the most requested tanks.

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Berserker was the term used to describe Junker Queen in surveillance 2 and it fits. This tank is unique and deals damage to stay alive. It’s not a problem for her. With some expert advice, Junker Queen does more damage than about half of the DPS heroes in the game.


play style

No hero really requires less talent, some with many heroes it’s okay to be imprecise. This isn’t the rule at all with Junker Queen, who can do headshots and hooks, but only if she’s accurate. She needs to be on the front lines, but her skills are more like those of a sniper.

Junker Queen is more prone to death if she retreats when injured. She heals herself with her damage over time effects. This hero is only recommended for aggressive players with an Attack First mentality. She can be one of the best tank heroes in the game even without shields or support abilities.


scatter gun

This weapon is capable of headshots at medium range. New players to the franchise may over-rely on the “shotgun” nature of the weapon, but non-headshot damage is relatively low. However, the headshots are not.

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adrenaline rush

  • Heals all damage over time from wounds.

Other characters using damage over time effects don’t help Junker Queen, but that’s hardly relevant since almost all of Junker Queen’s abilities deal some type of damage over time.

Serrated Blade

  • Active: Throw blade. Activate again to pull it back along with an impaled enemy.
  • Passive: Wounds enemies hit by a quick melee or throw, dealing damage over time.

Serrated Blade should be considered the Squire Queen’s signature ability. The throw is a bit slower than Roadhog’s hook and harder to land, but the healing it provides is solid. Even if enemies aren’t impaled, anyone it hits on the way back takes damage and heals Junker Queen.

commanding scream

  • Temporarily grants health and movement speed to the Squire Queen and her allies.

Adrenaline Rush will help Junker Queen stay sane in most situations, but even the best players will find that sustained battles weaken her. Commanding Shout temporarily gives her some health to stay in fights a little longer.


  • Wounds all enemies in front of you and deals damage over time.

Carnage has a long loading time and obvious animation, so enemies generally know how to dodge it. However, if the opponent is slowed down or the Jagged Blade is about to bring an opponent back, this is solid damage and a good heal for Junker Queen.


  • charge forward. Wounds enemies, dealing damage over time and preventing them from being healed.

Rampage, similar to Carnage, isn’t too difficult to dodge, especially for enemies right behind the tanks up front. But it is deadly to those hit, dealing damage to them and negating any healing effects for those hit by the skill.


Despite the taste for wild, frantic attacks, Junker Queen needs to be precise. Junker Queen has benefited dramatically from the changes since game one, but she still needs to aim for heads, time her carnage, and carefully consider easy targets for her Jagged Blade.

Some teammates don’t like Junker Queen as a tank because she lacks a shield. To make up for that, Junker Queen has to create total chaos beforehand. Although the Squire Queen has primarily ranged abilities, she needs to use them at melee range to create a reliable front line.


If it wasn’t clear enough, Junker Queen has some highly skilled skills to land. Enemies don’t just stand still and let it happen. However, Mei’s slows and stuns make Junker Queen’s job that much easier. As one of the best DPS heroes in the game, Mei can also help with tanking and “shielding” with her wall to make up for potential Junker Queen shortcomings.

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Junker Queen is pretty good at self-healing, but that doesn’t mean assisting isn’t welcome. Ana’s additional healing keeps Junker Queen in the loop. Her grenade will prevent healers from healing the Squire Queen’s damage over time. Perhaps most importantly, when put on Junker Queen, Ana’s Ultimate makes for a wicked combo.

With the front line firmly in place, the Junker Queen will need help from afar. Cassidy offers some of the best guidance. With a stun, Cassidy can help Junker Queen land her abilities. Both heroes have incredible headshot potential and can kill tough heroes if they both target the same unit.

Moira’s healing and damage aren’t the most accurate, but that goes well with what Junker Queen is doing. Fighting for the orbs further solidifies the Junker Queen’s advantage. Due to the Squire Queen’s self-healing, Moira is freed to deal more damage to her mix.

The Steel Trap is an immobilization ability that Junker Queen can use. Junker Queen will be heavily focused on the front lines, so Junkrat will be pleased to know exactly where to throw his grenades.

Benefits & Counters

Heroes without shields or with reduced mobility are fodder for Junker Queen. Pulling forward everyone she hits, even a high-health hero like Roadhog, is often deadly. Even Brigitte, who has a shield, won’t be able to withstand the sustained damage from Junker Queen for long.

Many of the heroes that Junker Queen pairs well with act as antagonists to her for many of the same reasons. Without a shield, she is subject to ranged headshot damage that can stop her despite her self-healing. Finally, watch out for shields blocking her abilities and making her not much more than a bump.

surveillance 2 is now available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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