Judge Rittenhouse allows jurors to take them home with instructions

The judges in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial ended their third day of deliberation on Thursday, and they were allowed to take the instructions home with them, according to a report.

CNN’s Omar Jimenez reported that a juror, a woman, asked Judge Bruce Schroeder if she can take the guide home with her. Schroeder, in an astonishing development, is said to have agreed.

“A juror in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial asked if she could take the jury instructions home and the judge said yes. The trial panel finished the same day after 7 hours of deliberation. Three days, still no verdict,” Jimenez wrote on Twitter.


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The CNN reporter noted that in fact, each member of the group of 12 people jury allowed to take the instructions home before returning for the fourth day of consideration.

“All jurors will be able to bring home the jury instructions but none of their notes. As part of granting this wish, the judge said he was watching some TV and some of the greatest legal minds in the country ‘agree with us that the instructions are confusing,’ ‘ Jimenez added.

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs with New York Times These instructions report are 36 pages long.

This news was met with backlash about Twitter:


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A grand jury on Wednesday requested video from the fatal shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum in Rittenhouse, ABC News reported. No such request was made on Thursday.

Schroeder decided to let the jury see instructions from home following another wild day in the trial.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that a contractor for MSNBC attempted to film members of the jury Wednesday night as they left court. Schroeder announced that the network was banned from the Kenosha courthouse for the duration of the trial.

https://www.westernjournal.com/breaking-rittenhouse-judge-allows-jurors-take-instructions-home/ Judge Rittenhouse allows jurors to take them home with instructions

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