JRPGs with fantastic world building

Japanese role-playing games were once known for harboring major differences from western RPGs, but modern publications have attempted to revitalize their umbrella term. The advancement of video game consoles has given JRPGs an opportunity to distance themselves from the features that were once associated with them, but the Genre’s unique approach to his world-building still remains.

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JRPGs are heavily influenced by the fantasy genre, so the worlds created for their games are often filled with boundless wonder and awe. The best games in this genre usually offer an immersive world for a player to get lost in, but some use their settings much more efficiently than others.


8th Xenoblade Chronicle 2

The sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles Watches as Rex, a young orphan, is whisked away from his once peaceful life as a treasure hunter into a world of action. While investigating the inside of an ancient ship, Rex stumbles upon Aegis, a legendary blade that harbors magical properties. He grabs the blade, but Jin stops him from touching it by stabbing him.

Rex awakens in a mysterious land alongside Pyra, a young woman who longs for peace between the Blades and the Drivers. The couple embarked on an incredible journey together across a series of vibrant countries. The game’s greatest charm is due to Alrest’s charming design. It’s an immersive world full of stunning landscapes and stunning creatures. These two elements work together to remind the player of how small they are compared to the all-encompassing world they find themselves in.

7 vagabond story

vagabond story follows the character of Ashley Riot, a young man widely regarded as one of the world’s most powerful risk-breakers. Tasked with investigating the ruined city of Leá Monde to uncover the connection between a cult and a parliament official, Ashley discovers a frightening subterranean world that threatens everything he holds dear.

The world building in vagabond story highlights the corrupt power that rules the new Valendian kingdom, a thriving metropolis ruled by a mysterious ruler. Its design conveys a homey vibe, but the corrupt politicians who pull the strings completely negate its quiet nature.

6 Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The original Final Fantasy 7 saw Cloud and his companions spend a brief portion of their time in Midgar, but the Make new chose to expand the city by locating the entire narrative behind its walls. It gave Midgar an immense upgrade that gave the player a much deeper look into the inner workings of the city.

Located primarily in Midgar’s Undercity, Final Fantasy 7 Remake allows the player to roam into lesser-known slums of the city and witness the poverty Shinra leaves in his wake. It offers a revealing glimpse into Shinra’s treacherous ways, serving to solidify the company as a force to be destroyed.

5 individual 5

individual 5 documents the story of a young high school student named Joker who is wrongly accused of assault. After witnessing a young woman being molested, Joker intervenes to save her, but the attacker manages to convince the authorities that Joker was the cause of the attack.

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individual 5 takes place in a fictionalized version of Tokyo where the player can explore the famous locations of Shinjuku, Akihabara and Shibuya. The unique art style of this game series is unusual, but its dark color palette suggests that an eerie presence lurks in its world.

4 The world ends with you

The world ends with you documents the eerie story of Neku Sakuraba as he tries to come to terms with his death. With no memory of how he died, Neku is forced to wander the twisted world of Shibuya in hopes of finding the answers he seeks.

Even though The world ends with you should Shibuya portray a haunting afterlife filled with fearsome creatures, it instead presents it as an unusually welcoming city teeming with life. This odd depiction allows the player to immerse themselves in the thriving city without worrying about its purpose as the afterlife. Its welcoming nature lowers the player’s alertness and makes the game’s climaxes much more terrifying.

3 NieR: Automata

Set 1,000 years after human extinction, NieR: Automata follows the story of a pair of androids named 2B and 9S who are tasked with preserving the earth by protecting it from the machine life forms that threaten it.

The post-apocalyptic world of kidneyaims to show the consequences of mankind’s world-destroying actions. It’s a barren wasteland with little life left, so exploring its reaches can often be depressing due to the destruction around every corner.

2 final fantasy 10

After being forcibly transported from his hometown to an unknown land, Tidus finds himself on a quest to defeat the evil forces that rule his newfound existence. The land of Spira is being ravaged by a monster named Sin, a terrifyingly large whale-like creature capable of decimating entire cities in one fell swoop.

On his journey to defeat this terrifying beast, Tidus will explore a unique range of landscapes and locations. The young Blitzball star begins his adventure on a small tropical island and ventures into different lands, all together showing that Spira is a thriving land full of charm and history.

1 Kingdom Hearts

The original Kingdom Hearts marked the beginning of the Keyblade’s chosen one’s journey through a vast universe. At the opening, Sora’s home planet is destroyed by the forces of darkness, an event that takes Sora on a magical journey to reunite with his friends.

During his journey, Sora will venture into a variety of Disney-themed worlds. Implementing these Disney traits into the game’s storyline allows the player to experience a variety of different stories while following a single adventure. The world of Kingdom Hearts aims to immerse the player in its narrative and does an incredible job thanks to its familiar settings.

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