JoJo’s most despicable villain just wants to be left alone

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has seen many villains, some more malicious than others. Yoshikage Kira, the villain of season four, Diamonds are unbreakable. Fans experience a new enemy, one that doesn’t want to be known. Instead, his only wish is to live a normal life. Perhaps Josuke would have allowed this if Kira hadn’t been a serial killer.

Jojo fans know how special season four is for creator Hirohiko Araki. More than once, the manga artist expressed his love for this part of his series. This is probably due to the light-hearted and quirky nature of the characters and the town of Morioh. Every episode present a new challenge for protagonist Jouske Higashikata and his friends Okuyasu Nijimura and Koichi Hirose. The most significant challenge is Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer responsible for killing dozens of women in Morioh. These actions allowed Kira to feed on her lust for her hands – a sort of forbidden romance. His reign of silent terror will continue if Reimi Sugimoto, a victim of Kira, does not return and warn those standing in town.


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Kira is a terrifying villain, not because the Killer Queen stands for him. What makes Kira one of the most feared villains in Jojo is his ability to disappear and not be found. This quality is at the heart of Kira’s personality, so important that it has become an obsession. One notable line from Kira is his monologue about his daily routine. His obsession with living a quiet, normal life has led Kira to stick to this habit, even if it means killing anyone who gets in his way.

Obsession is dangerous

Kira Yoshikage from Season 4

Periodically on the show, Kira’s obsessive habits are revealed. Things like keeping nail clippers in a pocket, copying Kosaku Kawajiri’s handwriting, and fixing Koichi’s socks show Kira’s compulsion no matter how dangerous. However, Kira uses this to her advantage instead, allowing complete control over her life and the ability to kill without getting caught.

Kira is smart; he knows it he will be sent to jail if he is caught. To avoid this, he creates a reality where there is nothing unusual about him. Every day he goes to work, keeps his appearance neat and has never been number 1. As long as Kira is present but not in the limelight, no one will recognize him, and with obsession his photo, he has the ability to appear perfect. The only real spontaneity that Kira has is when he kills people.

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Just before the time of the murder, Kira’s fingernails grew, a sign to Kira that it might be safe to capture his next victim. There’s no plan for when this could happen, but when it does, and Kira has a woman in sight, nothing can stop him. With the use of my standKira is able to follow women home, blowing up everything but their hands, leaving no evidence of ever committing a crime. Kira felt he was living in these moments, unlike when he looked at his facade.

Transformed into the Unknown Assassin

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure - Still frames from Season 4 OP Kira's great days looking at the camera preparing to trigger the Killer Queen

Intent to kill doesn’t happen overnight; before discovering his fetish for the hands, Kira was the son of Yoshihiro Kira. Yoshihiro is very protective of his son and wants nothing more than for Kira to be happy. This resulted in Yoshihiro using the vertical arrow he had acquired to give Kira his own status and using his arrow to stay in the mortal world after his death. While protecting Kira from Josuke and the others, he show great love as for Kira, not even caring about the women he killed.

Perhaps growing up in such a controlled and protective environment caused Kira to develop obsessive habits. Make sure nothing happens to him that could jeopardize his safety. He followed this procedure until he discovered the hand of Mona Lisa, the moment Kira discovers his fetish for hands, leading him on a murderous path.

Even so, after years of hiding, pretending to be normal, he still failed. Kira can’t hide his true intentions forever, causing him to make mistakes. The biggest mistake was when killing Reimi. Kira didn’t know Reimi would stay as a ghost, waiting for someone to help stop the man who killed her but can Kira continue even after he finds out?

Even after his identity was revealed, Kira still had the knowledge needed to use Aya Tsuji’s stand to change his face. He was able to replicate the identity of Kosaku Kawajiri, using the vertical arrow to increase his strength, and nearly killed Josuke. In the end, he was able to reset time and go on with his life unnoticed by anyone. What’s stopping Kira isn’t Jotaro’s Star Platinum or Reimi’s power to move on and find her killer. In the end, Kira’s final end was from a dog. Cat-related man taken out by Reimi’s dog Arnold, bite your hand, causing him to turn around and be dragged away.

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