John Wick succeeds by focusing on the character as much as the action

Action movies tend to have one unifying and defining element about them, which is action. While there has been a steady trend of action movies becoming similar to each other, one movie stands out as something new. John Wick introduced a new world of action, representing an action style that is still being replicated. However, these innovative action scenes are not all that have made these films popular. NS John Wick The movies owe their success as much as their characters’ work as well as their actions.

Released in 2014, John Wick gained popularity due to the fresh air it brought to both gunfights and hand-to-hand combat. No longer were the characters simply shooting each other from across the room while hiding behind cover. John Wick uses a gun like tools that are more like knives, with the character embodying a style that blends Judo with Central Axis Relay using guns. There’s a level of confidence and competence in the way the characters handle guns that inspires many other action movies to follow suit. The fluid, yet brutal fighting style, combined with beautiful cinematography and music means that these are action movies unlike any that have been released in years in the US.


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viggo warns his son against john wick

There are many interesting characters in John Wick, including the real man himself. When John is first introduced, he is presented as a grieving man who has just lost his wife. This meeting point brings the audience to his character and makes them fall in love with him. What particularly draws audiences to his character, however, is that after the introduction to each of these sad men, the audience is then offered not-so-subtle hints that he might be more than meeting eyes. John responds to Iosef in Russian, and after his car is stolen, he goes straight to the shredder that Iosef went to.

The most telling thing about John as a character is how terrifying he is among these hardened criminals. After slapping Iosef for stealing a car, Aurelio immediately can make Viggo understand just by saying it’s John Wick’s car. Viggo then reveals who this humble man is; A veteran assassin capable of many things, who once completed an impossible mission, who formed Viggo’s organization. Those are the moments that showcase the work of a strong character. It’s not just about how John Wick acts, but about his impact on the world.

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So are the supporting characters help the world’s flesh John Wick to an extreme extent. Big characters, such as John’s mentor Marcus, immediately establish themselves as interesting and interesting people to follow. Part of what helps this character work is that many of the characters John Wick takes on are fairly standard objective roles for the action genre. The old advisor, the old partner, the cold boss, and many more are all roles seen in other action movies before this one. It shows John Wick Take advantage of the familiarity of these roles and play with them to make these films enjoyable.

These minor characters all have clear histories with John, and that history greatly influences how they choose to help or hurt him. His former mentor chooses to be a traitor against Viggo and help John escape. On the other hand, Perkins only sees John as a former colleague and therefore doesn’t mind trying to get the bounty on his head. These characters have made completely different decisions based on their history with the famous assassin.

Another notable aspect of how focused these films are on characters comes with the amount of major villains they already have. Each of these characters feels unique and different from each other. Viggo, while afraid of John, choose revenge for his son and go through an arc of its own. His final confrontation with John was a confrontation that neither of the characters knew had been going on for a long time. Viggo had always secretly resented John for retiring, and John had always resented Viggo for the things he made him do. These characters have grudges, and this permeates throughout the films as the characters oppose or support John based on how they knew him from before.

While these character moments can sometimes slow down the pace of an action movie, they are actually essential to making an action movie. There are character moments and plot revelations that are what lead to such intense battles. John’s transformation from a grieving widow to a man who chooses violent revenge takes on a lot more weight when Viggo tells his son he should fear this man. John’s first sequence of kill murderers in his house feels conflicted with who the audience is being introduced to, but is shocked by how others perceive him. There’s a spontaneity in this connection that stems from the solid character work that John Wick movie introduction.

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