John Krasinski becomes Reed Richards in the artwork of this amazing quartet

A talented digital artist came up with an idea of ​​what The Office star John Krasinski might look like as Fantastic Four frontman Reed Richards.

John Krasinski's Super Quartet

As Great quartet As fans have proven, there are some hypothetical casting decisions that seem so perfect, it’s almost unbelievable that they won’t materialize. For every JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson and Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck, there are countless others who would be the ideal fit for a given role and yet, tragically, never out of the box. fantasy realm.

However, expect this in particular to break that trend. It’s been a while, Office star John Krasinski was a popular choice to play Reed Richards in a theoretical future Great quartet plan. Even Krasinski himself has said that he is willing to do it. But those hopes have remained just rumors all this time. So naturally, fan artists took advantage of it to show the world what they were missing.


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Digital artist Rahal Nejraoui is the latest to offer a glimpse into an alternate reality featuring Krasinski in that coveted role. Looks like it won’t be obsolete in development Great quartet finally the movie comes from Spider-Man: There’s no way home Directed by Jon Watts. Combine the actor’s gray cup image with a pretty standard modern look for Richards’ Great quartet , the artist managed to create a rather convincing shot that places him in the middle of what appears to be a war zone. Honestly, that sounds pretty consistent with both Marvel and Great quartet at this time.

The vibe of the digital model is almost like something that Zack Snyder would suggest for one of his featured films. Even the costume won’t be out of place when Krasinski is side by side with the Justice League, or at least as an off-camera person willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good after spending the entire movie on reduced screen time. go significantly compared to other stars. Hey, that’s just the vibe it gives off (from a subjective point of view anyway).

Great quartet already quite famous suffered a less than famous reputation in all attempts at adaptation to the movie. From Roger Corman’s unreleased (but somehow still beloved) passion project in 1994 to linguistic curiosity and ugliness in 2015 Fan4stic, this seems to be the best thing anyone can talk about any given Great quartet movie is it “it has a heart” or “it’s fun to get drunk.” Of course, that might not be fair given that all movies, including the slightly better-received tour of the mid-2000s starring Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, have large audiences. Small fan but much appreciated. But it’s not hard to spot a trend.

Nejraoui actually mentions some whispers about the future of Reed Richards and the rest of The Fantastic Four in the artwork’s caption, saying, “Heard some rumors that John Krasinski might show up. as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange 2“Whether those rumors bear fruit or not, it’s great to see how well Krasinski could be in the role should something go wrong. Get past those weirdly long and stretchy fingers. .

Great quartet currently in development at Marvel Studios.

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The source: Rahal Nejraoui / Instagram

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