John Kennedy went from a Democrat to GOP Joe McCarthy’s Discount Foundation

OFFERRepublican Senator ouisiana John Kennedy behaved in abominable ways like many of his peers but barely made it to prime time, overshadowed by things like Ted Cruz conducts jihad on Big Bird and called on Texas to secede from the union and Lindsey Graham keeps climbing into Donald Trump’s lap and golf carts begging for forgiveness.

That changed last week when Kennedy took his sh-sh-shucks-home-town-boy-in-suit-cart too far. The setting was a Banking Commission hearing to consider Saule Omarova’s qualifications to be the next Currency Editor, as one of the few Biden nominees to escape Cruz’s house arrest. for all nominees. Kennedy did not focus on the plans of the Cornell law professor, who served in President George W. Bush’s Treasury Department, to regulate the country’s biggest banks and the Wild West of cryptocurrencies before when it becomes too big to fail. Instead, he held a trial for a citizen of the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, saying things like “I don’t know whether to call you professor or comrade.”

Kennedy often plays his team’s appointed hitman, playing the incredible Joe McCarthy while challenging the conventional and Christian values ​​that are said to be absent from the other virtue book-learners. . He exaggerated the name of the youth group to which Omarova belonged—“Leninist Young Communist League of the Russian Federation”—And ask for a resignation letter even after she explains that membership is required and will automatically end as you age.

Omarova is an interesting candidate: an immigrant, a woman, a member of an ethnic minority, and easy prey for a conservative Republican. Equally interesting is who Kennedy is—not one of those Kennedys, but one of the biggest in the Senate with his fair share of them.

For starters, Kennedy was probably in Russia more recently than Omarova, one of six Republican senators who went there the week of July 4, 2018, to be invited and dined by Vladimir Putin. But questioning the loyalty of others was Kennedy’s default. As the climate change summit in Glasgow drew to a close, her Senator explained that his party would be more involved if the US special envoy to the negotiations was not John Kerry, a “Awakened Trotskyite.”

It kept Kennedy restless that before purportedly opposing Trotskyite, he had supported him, endorsing Kerry in the 2004 presidential run on behalf of George W. Bush. Kennedy was a Democrat at the time, working for a Democratic governor, until he lost his first two Senate races.

Tired of losing, Vanderbilt graduate, Oxford scholar, and editor of law journals at the University of Virginia, dusted himself with some hay, switched parties, and ran in 2016 for the car. the seat was left open by incumbent David Vitter, who admitted that he “failed” with his family but found “forgiveness and love” to be insufficient to get over his inclusion in the phone book of DC Madam.

Kennedy has since remained disdainful of the retribution, complaining of Biden that, “It could be that the President has been in charge of his immigration policy a bunch of pink-haired people don’t know from their elbows. I use ass in the biblical sense of King James… It could be that the President has assigned the responsibility of his immigrants to be bilingual — they speak English and are stupid. ”

He advised Kamala Harris to “stop saying stupid things.” Meanwhile, he likes to talk about Democrats whose “polls are going down like a fat guy on a seesaw,” and the supposed explosion of Socialist Democratic Party bills ” was shot dead for spending porn.

He was vulgar for a conservative, taking advantage of the obvious exemption granted to truth-speaking Southerners to use body metaphors. All experts are called that, and can offer their advice to “sharpen their fact-checking skills”. He won’t comment on something because “I can’t head that far.” His most common warning to soft-headed people dissecting combustion engines is “we can’t put fairy dust and unicorn urine in the gas tank”.

Kennedy is so good at what he does, to call him out would be like stumbling across the road to changing broadcasters. But he went so far with Omarova, that the Republican Senator’s colleague, Thom Tillis, distanced himself from Kennedy while the Louisiana senator waited.

Tillis approaches to apologize to the immigrant whose family escaped Soviet rule 30 years earlier and heads to America, where she climbs the slippery ladder of academe and the law to find her way to the human desk. witness before him.

“I want to make a few things clear: Republican concerns with this nominee are directly related to your broad profile.” And then he continued. “Except for some of the remarks that you and my colleague Senator Kennedy make, I think we’ve tried to focus on what we believe are legitimate policy differences.”

But Republicans have been using Kennedy for their wet job for too long to contain him right now. He brushed off Tillis’ rebuke and went to Fox for the weekend to watch an encore. “In my time, my president [Ohio Democrats Sen. Sherrod Brown] pissed me off and I told him to shut up. The country, he said, has a right to know if someone “was a member of the Communist Party”.

Could there be a silver lining in Kennedy’s overt approach? Bank president Brown said afterward that the film would have a happy ending. “To be called a comrade by Kennedy, I know my colleagues have a sense of dignity, and she will be confirmed.” Sadly, those are the words of a born optimist.

When the lights went out, most of the party comrades who destroyed Kennedy thanked him quietly. John Kennedy went from a Democrat to GOP Joe McCarthy’s Discount Foundation


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