Job vacancies in Oman

Why should you try working in Oman?

– A great opportunity to make a leap in your career

– Very competitive employer benefit package

– Generous bonus program

– Working in a chic environment in one of the richest countries in the world

What vacancy will be the most suitable for foreigners and freshmen?

Due to our researches we came into conclusion that the best job vacancies in Oman you must choose are hostess work, reception, guest relation.

How to get such kind of work in Oman?

Working in a hotel is stylish, fashionable, youthful! In addition, such work is the best option for combining with the main occupation. If you have other shift work or you are, for example, a student, then a hotel is a very convenient option, and in Oman such work is especially prestigious.

Advantages of working in a hotel:

–          flexible working hours – working in hotels does not always mean five days; most often, a schedule is used for a day or three or two in two; there are only night shifts, but they are also usually on a 2/2 schedule; there is also a vacancy “weekend administrator”, when your shift worker works for five days, and you go out on weekends or, sometimes, when your colleague cannot; there is also a schedule 23: 00-7: 00/7: 00-15: 00/15: 00-23: 00. Different charts allow you to find what works best for you. You will definitely get your 40 hours a week, as with a regular five-day week.

–          a lot of new acquaintances – interesting people come every day – with the right approach, you will acquire unusual contacts after a few months of work.

–          career growth – it is there, but not everywhere. However, after working in the accommodation service, you can go further and become a manager of the accommodation service, go to the human resources department, become an assistant manager, move up the ladder of a chain hotel or become a manager.

–          there is no need for specialized higher education – as HR’s usually write, higher education is necessary when applying for a job in a hotel. In fact, there is no need as such. It’s just that a candidate with a secondary education or incomplete higher education will be looked at for longer. Profile education, of course, is a serious plus, but they rarely teach how to work in a specific hotel in a specific position, so don’t worry.

–          language practice – if you want to get a job in a hotel, then, of course, you must know a foreign language at a decent level – correspondence and communication with a guest through an interpreter is difficult. On the other hand, in the hotel you can find the practice of the spoken language and constantly be in a situation that does not allow you to forget the language.

–          lack of experience can be a plus – in the hotel industry it is sometimes easier to train from scratch than to retrain an employee. Work habits are very difficult to deduce. I personally know several hotels where they do not hire candidates with work experience – they do not know how to communicate with guests “the way” in these specific hotels and it is almost impossible to retrain them.

–          a decent salary level for shift work and bonuses – it all depends on the particular hotel. Not to say that the sphere is a straight gold mine, but you definitely won’t die of hunger. The salary and bonuses are quite enough for a living and you can even save it.

–          development in the intellectual sphere – here they will teach you to think with lightning speed. Conflict situations, interesting problems that need to be solved in a couple of minutes are a really rare skill that can be acquired while working in a hotel. The pot will cook constantly.

–          stress resistance is another HR favorite. Yes, stress resistance is a very necessary quality to work here. However, everything can be learned. Especially, behavior in conflict situations and resistance to external pressure.

–          will pump up multitasking – talking on the phone, answering a guest at the reception and composing a letter – all at the same time? Easily!


–          stress – occasionally wild work schedule (for example, frequent night shifts or sick colleagues who need to be replaced) and a bunch of guests’ problems hit the well-being a lot. Stress tends to accumulate and sometimes there is an uncontrolled explosion of emotions. Therefore, rest for a week and a half every two months is very, very necessary.

–          colleagues – as in any other job, colleagues who do not fulfill their duties and leave everything unfinished will interfere with you here too.

–          the guests are guests with strange requests, impolite, angry … But “the client is always right,” therefore you will have to squeeze a smile in all cases.

All in all, believe us that such work will be the best for you in Oman.

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