Jill Biden reveals horrible Christmas decorations for the White House

Christmas decorations have transformed into much more than the traditional red and green decorations. Today, there are countless styles – always evolving and always pushing the envelope.

When you think of a Christmas White House, however, you expect a lot. You crave something new and exciting. The decorations in previous administrations were used to tell a story. Just like with clothes, you can tell a lot without uttering a word through the small details of the ornament or the type of ribbon used.

And with a First family, that excitement is built with the thought of opening up a new Christmas style.

Even if you don’t like the new administration, at least there is curiosity as to how they will style themselves, how they will throw their hats in the ring and be remembered, and how they will show individuality. his like in the Christmas decoration.

First Lady Jill Biden showed that she was absolutely not pleased with the 2021 Christmas ornament reveal in the United States. The White House in Monday. Biden named it “Gift from the Heart.”


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Can I please return the said gift?

East Wing communications director Elizabeth Alexander told CNN that the idea was to introduce “things that unite, heal and bring us together”.

Did Melania Trump decorate Christmas better?

Each room of the White House represents an offshoot of that theme. The Library Room holds ornaments of butterflies and represents the “gift of learning”. The Vermeil Room is decorated with Christmas wreaths, flowers and paint samples to represent the “gift of the visual arts” and the China Room, which houses the official Chinese facilities of previous administrations, set up “Nana style,” according to CNN. It was “a nod to Biden’s favorite family dinner, centered on candles and flowers.” The plants in the room represent the theme of “the gift of friendship and care”.

Of course, while the mainstream media is praising the “ordinary Christmas” that Biden is bringing, I say that this “ordinary thing” is boring and bland, making the decorations of the center The mall looks interesting.

You can say that there is a theme all you want, but I don’t see it. From the color scheme and decorations to the flowers, it’s like a giant mess. It’s like when two newlyweds combine furniture – you just can’t make a bunch of different styles flow out.


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The China Room is the place that really did it for me. The purple and yellow flowers detract from the whole aesthetic of the room and remind me more of the beginning of spring, than represent a family Christmas dinner.

It reminds me of the style and class of former First Lady Melania Trump, who brought her own New York flair and took risks when it came to decorating.

She made the White House out of her own fabric and turned it into a work of Christmas art in a creative and modern way. In 2017, she decorated the halls with bare white trees, creating a winter wonderland effect. Christmas trees sparkled in the snow and twinkling lights, and some were covered with pinecones and ribbons. Her theme ties into each room, while allowing each space to stand out on its own. Trump’s knowledge of style helped her successfully plan these rooms.

She was fired in 2018 for having red christmas tree in the hall. While wearing a red tree is certainly a big surprise for many, it also makes sense to consider Trump as a man with high fashion sense. It suits the way she dresses and flexes between classic first lady style and New York audacity. What makes the trees work is that she’s applied red all over the rest of the decorations. There is already a topic.

“Everybody has a different taste,” Trump said at the time about trees, according to New York Times.

In defense of the choice of the red tree, her office replied, “The choice of red is an extension of the arches or stripes found on the presidential seal designed by the Patriarchs. our founder. It is a symbol of courage and bravery”, according to washington articles.

Luckily, I’m not the only one who finds Biden’s decor dull:

While I agree that the current first lady and I have different tastes, this just feels like one person has allowed their young children to help decorate the house for them. Christmas – there’s nothing wrong with household decorations. It’s cute and clearly festive, but it’s disorganized and disjointed, lacking overall theme and coherence. Mixed colors are confusing, confusing, and not working. A pretty good representation of the overall management.

Give White Housee, you expect more. You want more. That’s where the president and his family live; so it should be epic and fun, filled with new ideas and great executions that make you want to decorate your home in a similar style.

Unfortunately, these faded oatmeal Christmas decorations will be forgotten.

One Christmas coming up, three more to go.

On the bright side, the bar is set so low, it can only go up from here.

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