Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell abused 14-year-old and sent her Victoria’s Secret lingerie, Court Hears

A victim in Florida of Jeffrey Epstein who has been sexually abused three times a week for years testified Tuesday that his alleged collaborator, Ghislaine Maxwell, often called her to schedule a “massage” and even invited her to the tycoon’s private island.

“Carolyn,” who is Young victim-4 In the criminal case against Maxwell, Epstein said that Epstein sexually abused her more than 100 times between 2001 and 2004, and that several others in the orbit of the late sex offender knew what was going on. out in his Palm Beach mansion.

She was only 14 years old when the abuse began. For each visit, she received several hundred dollars after giving Epstein a massage that ended with him masturbating while touching her. “I’m young and $300 is a lot of money to me,” said Carolyn, who is testifying under her first name at the Maxwell sex-trafficking trial.

According to Carolyn, both Epstein and Maxwell knew she was underage because, after a year of abuse, they pressured her to travel with them to Epstein’s compound in the US Virgin Islands. “I told him I was 15 and I couldn’t leave,” Carolyn testified.

Carolyn testified that the couple knew of her painful history of sexual abuse and child rape — she said her grandfather raped her starting when she was 4 years old — and that her mother was addicted. drugs and alcohol. Carolyn said: “I told Ghislaine Maxwell that my mother was an alcoholic and that I had been sexually harassed. “Random personal stuff.”

She also told Epstein about her upbringing, informing him that “it was terrible” and that her mother struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.

Carolyn said she was also addicted to cocaine and painkillers, and used money from Epstein to buy more drugs. She dropped out in seventh grade and never returned to school.

In one, Maxwell allegedly entered Epstein’s massage room while Carolyn was naked and busy setting it up. Carolyn said Maxwell felt her hips, butt and breasts and told her she “had a great body for Mr. Epstein.” Carolyn testified that Maxwell groped her breasts before leaving the room.

While standing in the witness stand, Carolyn said Epstein alleged accomplices, Sarah Kellen, called her to book sexual “massage” appointments and arrange travel for the girl because she didn’t have a driver’s license. At one point, Carolyn testified, Kellen took nude photos of herself in Epstein’s direction when no one else was around. She said Kellen called her and told her she “would be paid between $500 and $600 if she could take a picture of me.”

For about the first year, Maxwell is said to have phoned Carolyn; Kellen then took over the task of arranging the schedule, Carolyn told the jury. The women also have the phone numbers of Carolyn’s mother and boyfriend Shawn in case they can’t reach the girl.

Carolyn said she was introduced to Epstein and Maxwell by another victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who invited her to the money manager’s lair on El Brillo Street. It was spring and summer 2001 when Virginia drove Carolyn home for the first time.

When they arrived, Giuffre announced that they would receive money to give Epstein a massage, whom she describes as her “friend”. (Carolyn testified that she met Giuffre through Shawn, 17 and a friend of Tony, Giuffre’s boyfriend.)

Carolyn said that she and Giuffre walked into the kitchen and “an elderly woman” with “voice” and “shoulder length black hair” greeted them; she identifies the woman as Maxwell and says she can’t pronounce the name of the social site, so she usually calls the adult woman by her last name.

“You can take her upstairs and show her what to do,” Maxwell is said to have told Giuffre.

Carolyn recalls Giuffre took off her clothes when they got to the massage room, adding that she didn’t feel comfortable being naked so she still wore a bra and lingerie. She testified that Epstein walked in, brushed his teeth, and then lay face down on the massage table. Carolyn told the jury that the teenagers massaged Epstein’s feet and that after about 45 minutes she turned over and Giuffre lay on top of him and they began to have sex.

“I was sitting on the couch right in front of them,” Carolyn said, choking in the stands.

As the teenagers left Epstein’s home, Maxwell allegedly collected Carolyn’s phone number and thus began years of sexual exploitation by the junior high student. Maxwell, she said, would call her from New York and announce when she and Epstein were flying to Palm Beach.

When assistant U.S. Attorney Maureen Comey asked Carolyn why she continued to visit Epstein’s home, she replied that she used the money to buy marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol. Her mother took her to Epstein’s house sometimes, she added.

Maxwell is said to have asked Carolyn what she wanted to do for a living and she replied that she wanted to be a massage therapist. The heir also asked Carolyn if she had ever used a sex toy. Carolyn said no.

Carolyn says she ended up completely naked during the massages and that Maxwell saw her naked body, and so did two of Epstein’s friends.

During one of the massages, Epstein pressed a button on his phone and a blonde and slim girl walked in, completely naked. Carolyn said she had a “really strong voice” and that Epstein had sex with her while the girl performed oral sex on Carolyn.

Another time, Epstein brought a brunette as a model.

She testified that Maxwell gave her $300 a few times after these encounters and during one visit she asked for her address. Soon after, Epstein sent Carolyn a massage book “for the dummy” and tickets to a concert for the rock band Incubus.

The couple also allegedly delivered Carolyn Victoria’s Secret lingerie via FedEx.

Epstein asked Carolyn to make younger friends, and she ended up recruiting three girls around her age. She said she was paid $600 for doing so.

Carolyn testified: “He asked me if I had any friends my age or younger. “I told him I don’t hang out with younger people but I have some friends that I can ask.”

Comey asked Carolyn if there were any non-sexual massages.

Carolyn replied: “Sometimes sex happens.

When asked if she would take a break from visiting Epstein, Carolyn began to cry as she described running away with Shawn when she was 16. Carolyn became pregnant soon after.

Carolyn gave birth in March 2004 and has returned to the Epstein house several times, desperate for money to cover her child’s expenses. “He asked me if I had any younger friends and I said no. That’s when I realized I was too old,” Carolyn said.

Comey asked why she didn’t go to Epstein’s Florida estate.

“I have grown too old,” Carolyn replied.

“How old are you?” Comey said.


Prosecutors also asked about Carolyn’s troubles with the law, including her arrest in 2011 for cocaine possession and possession of stolen property.

Carolyn details how she uses methadone to get rid of opioids and other prescription drugs, including a drug for schizophrenia, because she is paranoid that her child will be kidnapped. by traffickers.

In 2008, Carolyn sued Epstein in state court “for all the emotional damage he caused me”. She said her lawsuit also names Kellen as a defendant.

“She’s grown up,” Carolyn said. “She knows what’s going on.” Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell abused 14-year-old and sent her Victoria’s Secret lingerie, Court Hears


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