Jason Cries, Chrishell are dating non-binary singer G Flip, and other surprises

This is only in: Sunset sale in fact, star Jason Oppenheim has the ability to sense human emotions. The relentlessly monotonous poster child for Short King Spring (sorry, Tom Holland) broke down discussing his split from Chrishell Stause during the show’s first reunion, and as a result, … unexpectedly touched?

The special is 70 minutes long on Friday on Netflix, and it’s exponentially more entertaining than anything that’s happened in the entirety of Season 5. From start to finish, it’s reality TV’s gold, to the delightfully uncoordinated outfits of the Barbies show’s real estate cast. Chrishell and new O-Group rep Chelsea looked ready to walk the Oscars red carpet in outfits that cost more than a few months’ rent in New York City. Meanwhile, Davina looks as if she’s walked in from Bootsy Bellows in her burgundy bodycon dress, and Maya is dressed exactly like she’s going to see a house.

Consortiums have become standard protocol in the world of reality TV, a tradition that began — and matured — at Bravo with Real housewives Franchising. They allow the cast to reenact the show’s show during the season and confront each other with the fresh perspective that comes from watching it all on TV. Plus, there’s nothing more messy or fun than seeing people react to footage of themselves sobbing at a tea party.

The Sunset sale the reunion was randomly organized by Tan Phap. Even though he’s not Andy Cohen, Queer Eye the star has stood the test of time, calling Davina “favorite little stirrup,” making almost no secret that he’s an advocate for Christine, and focusing on tough personal questions.

Naturally, there was a drama happening around the absence of series villain Christine Quinn, so let’s get that out of the way for now. Yes, Christine skipped the videotaped reunion last month, claiming she had tested positive for COVID-19 the day before. However, her co-stars became suspicious after TMZ released photos of the blonde bully filming a commercial just days later. Chrishell, Christine’s biggest rival, made her feelings on the matter clear, reply to TMZ via Twitter with a GIF of Maury Povich captioned, “And a lie detector test determined it was a lie.”

Incredibly, though, Christine’s absence doesn’t detract from the episode’s attention. It might even be for the best, allowing the ladies to discuss other topics rather than dwell on the tired Christine criticisms that have made the season dull. This brings us to the Ja-shell of it all.

The unexpected romance between Jason and Chrishell was the main plotline throughout Season 5, culminating in their split in the finale after they couldn’t talk about starting a family (Chrishell wanted to have a family). children, Jason does not). However, it is very difficult to attract any interest in them, since the beginning and The end of their relationship was broadcast on social media before the season even aired. Not only do we know they’re no longer together, but we know exactly why, thanks to a statement Chrishell posted on Instagram when it happened. The whole incident led many viewers (including this writer) to speculate that this relationship was staged.

But when I’m wrong, I’ll say I’m wrong. Friday’s reunion completely confirmed that the romance was real, as there was no way Jason and his single facial expression could so convincingly fake crying. Tan started the conversation by asking blankly if it was all a “show,” to which the Oppenheim Group founder replied, “I hesitate to answer that question because I don’t want to give it any any credibility. It’s like asking me if the Earth is flat. That was a stupid question for me. And I don’t feel the need to explain to people that a relationship means a lot…” That’s when Jason, the second most boring person on reality TV (after his twin brother), choked with shock, overcome with emotion, that he really couldn’t finish his sentence.

“There was a lot of sadness and loss,” he said when he finally composed himself. “I think watching the show made it harder, you know, brought it back. It’s been a few months, but I’m still just going through everything. I think there’s a lot of love between us, and it’s still there, and I still care about her a lot. This is a very difficult breakup. “Never in a million years could I have predicted that I would cry on a Friday morning while watching Sunset sale reunion, let alone that Jason of everyone will be the reason for my tears. It was a humbling experience, to say the least.

“Never in a million years could I predict that I would cry on a Friday morning watching the ‘Semi-sunset’ reunion, let alone Jason of all people who would be the reason I’m in tears eye.”

Yes of course some Christine talked. Maya, Davina and Vanessa set the straight record that they reached out to their co-star who was ostracized after her pathetic broker went public from episode four, despite what she told Chelsea. They also discussed allegations that Christine bribed a client to not work with empanada agent/salesperson Emma, ​​with Jason confirming that the incident resulted in her expulsion from the agency. gender.

As for the other women, Heather ate her first Oreo and shared her IVF journey with TV friend Tarek El Moussa. Maya spoke about her son’s tragic death 4 months ago and expressed hope that she can become an inspiration to other women who have gone through pregnancy. Amanza, who is also stuck at home with COVID, used Facetime fully to join the reunion in less than two minutes.

Arguably the biggest turning point came at the end of the hour, when Chrishell revealed she was dating the non-twin Australian musician G Flip. Rumors were sparked after fans discovered flirtatious exchanges on Instagram between the two, but Chrishell himself officially confirmed the relationship after some prodding from Tan. The couple met on the set of one of G Flip’s music videos, in which Chrishell plays the love interest.

Netflix special sale Sunset Reunion


“I think I’m probably as surprised as anyone else just because nothing has changed for me. I am still attracted to masculine energy and a good person,” explains Chrisshell. “I hear people talk about these things and they say, ‘I’ve known since I was a kid,’ and it’s not me. I’m very open to good energy and I don’t know what my future holds, but it’s a complicated matter to talk about. Even now, I still worry. I know in this position we are constantly being judged, but at the end of the day, I am very happy. So if that makes someone angry, it’s really not my problem.”

The news seemed to come as a shock to Chrishell’s co-stars, especially Maya, who couldn’t seem to get off the floor for five minutes. But in the end they all sent their sincere congratulations, and none was more supportive than tough lover Jason.

“Surname [G Flip] Seems like a badass, for one and two, the smile on your face for the last few minutes makes me so happy. So I’m proud of you,” he told his ex. And just like that, I cried again. Is Jason Oppenheim really the perfect man? Does anyone see this coming? I need to end this so I can handle my new celebrity crush.

While Sunset sale the reunion lacks the screaming, drama we expect in this genre, it’s honest and emotionally engaging in a way the movie hasn’t had in a long time or maybe never. yes. Hopefully this means the ladies at O-Group are ready to put an end to their weary Christine feud of the past and give us more of this refreshing hole-in-the-wall next season. .

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