Japan Battlefield 2042 Twitter apologizes to fans

After multiple technical issues with the live stream held on November 20, the official Japanese Battlefield account issued an apology.


Battlefield 2042 continued EA’s curse of disappointing and sometimes unplayable launches. Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront II both faced negative reviews and were bombed by fans and critics alike because of the unfortunate state in which they were released. Many games are currently launching in a broken state, such as the infamous case of Cyberpunk 2077 However, just because it’s more popular doesn’t mean gamers are more likely to let developers and publishers get away with releasing an unfinished game, especially when it’s still priced from 60 dollars or more.

The latest in the army of DICE, the first-person shooter, has faced a similar backlash, as it was released with several game-breaking bugs and issues. There are a few Battlefield 2042 glitches are more hilarious rather than they are very angry, like a bug that causes the boards to dramatically explode when the in-game PC placed on top of them is damaged. Many people saw the humor in this incident and jokingly described it as the Levolution of the next generation – the machine of destruction. Battlefield famous game with.


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With errors still rife inside Battlefield 2042, an apology was finally issued by the game’s Japanese Twitter page, following a planned live-streaming event hosted by Battlefield Japan has gone bad. However, the apology doesn’t focus on the game in general and leaves some people wanting more than that.

Due to the immature nature of the games the company confirmed, no more than a handful of games were actually played during a three-hour event. According to users on Reddit, all possible errors in Battlefield 2042 appeared during the stream, much to the disappointment of everyone involved. However, the apology for the event came only 11 days later, announced on Twitter on December 1. While there were some the amazing plays that gamers have been doing Battlefield 2042, many people cannot play the game enough to see these plays.

The apology, posted in Japanese, sought to make amends for the failed event. The post brought up the existence of “various technical problems”, with Battlefield the account goes on to say “we will continue to listen to the voices of the Japanese community and do our best to give you the best experience of Battlefield 2042“However, the apology only refers to the live event and is not an apology for the state of the game.

Western audiences didn’t see a single apology and grew increasingly angrier as DICE and EA seemed to tolerate the negatives coming their way. The closest players can find out how their game plays out in a buggy state through a leaker revealed “difficult growth” of Battlefield 2042.

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