Jamie Lynn Spears shares content with Britney Spears that allegedly removed her name on ‘Call Her Daddy’

Jamie Lynn Spears has said for years that her only concern regarding Britney Spears’ role as protector is that she loves and tries to protect her sister.

Now, she says she has proof.

In part two of the actress’s interview with Alex Cooper Call her daddy podcast, she reads a series of texts that also appear in her memoirs, Things I should say— In which Jamie Lynn advised her sister that she did not trust her current attorney, her former attorney, Samuel Ingham III.

While Season One of Jamie Lynn’s interview focused on her upbringing and early relationship with Britney, Thursday’s follow-up delves into the role of guardian that has ruled the singer’s life until recently.

When asked how she knew about conservatorship, Jamie Lynn insisted, “I know what you guys know.” Months earlier, as detailed in Season One, Spears had come into conflict with her parents and team while she was pregnant. Then she said, “I really don’t have them in my life” – so she broke out of the loop during the early days of her conservatorship.

When Cooper asked how the Spears patriarch, James (AKA “Jamie”) could be deemed fit to be his daughter’s protector despite Jamie Lynn’s description of his struggles as his daughter. As a parent, the actress replied, “I don’t know, you” d have to ask the state of California. “

“I think obviously someone needs something,” she added, “but who am I? It’s clearly a legitimate thing that has had to go through a lot of approvals.”

Most of the interview revolved around Britney’s fans’ insistence that Jamie Lynn never did enough to help her sister — either by speaking out or working to help make it over. Jamie Lynn denied ever participating in a conservatorship, stating that she had instead considered overseeing an unrelated trust for her sister’s sons — something she did. refused, realizing that it would force her into conservatorship.

“I was never involved in anything, in Britney’s conservatorship or her life revolved around conservatorship,” she said.

Jamie Lynn claims that she’s tried to help Spears multiple times, connecting her with various people and resources she thinks can help. She said she spoke to Britney’s attorney on the phone once after she and Britney shared their feelings in Hawaii — only to find out that soon after he shared everything. she told him to the group representing the conservatorship.

“She was expressing everything to me, which is clearly what she wanted to say,” Jamie Lynn said. “But from my point of view, it seems like everything – she deserves the right to talk to someone. So I talked to her lawyer and I told him a lot of bad things, and it didn’t work out and then people got mad at me.”

“Everybody turned their back on me,” she said. “…Because I guess, maybe, that lawyer wouldn’t get paid if he didn’t have a job — so why would he need me to violate his rights? It’s correct?”

“Everyone turned their backs on me… Because I guess, maybe, that lawyer wouldn’t get paid if he didn’t have a job – so why would he need me to violate his rights? It’s correct?”

On several occasions, Jamie Lynn said, she also asked her sister to come live with her in Louisiana for six months – a transition of residence that, to her knowledge, would create a loophole to completely dissolve her management of the property. physical. “I don’t know why that choice wasn’t something she wanted to make,” she told Cooper.

“Whenever she told me she wanted to help, I gave her the opportunity and the opportunity and the people to help her,” Jamie Lynn added later. “She knows all that. Why doesn’t she make that clear and stop all this? That’s where I don’t get it, but I know that these are really true statements… Do I have to speak for myself at some point? Spend the rest of your life being bullied and have absolutely no truth to some of this? I have to speak up for myself.”

Jamie Lynn also read text messages between her and Britney, including a lengthy one in which she warned her sister about Samuel Ingham III. She said she also texted Britney’s boyfriend twice, presumably Sam Asghari, to make sure she actually saw it. (“She would block me on and off for different reasons. Sometimes I really don’t know.”)

Britney never responded to the text, says Jamie Lynn – the next time she got word from her was supposed to be on December 8, a text thanking her for the birthday present she sent. .

Cooper noted in the episode that the second half of her interview with Spears was a follow-up phone interview that took place on January 18, after the back-and-forth between Britney and Jamie Lynn grew increasingly tense – as well as the fan backlash against young Catholics.

In a recent Instagram post, Britney appears to be responding to Part One of Jamie Lynn’s interview — specifically her tearful statement that she wishes her own experiences were treated as important as her sister’s. her daughter.

“In life, a lot of people say ‘I HAVE PROBLEM????'” Britney wrote. “… Try eating alone for 4 months morning ☀️… lunch 🕛… and dinner 🌙 Jamie Lynn. I ask myself every day “Is there ANY CARE??? WTF??? I HAVE PROBLEM??? “”

“Honestly, I would love to see your pretty face in the scene I’m forced to be in and ask myself ‘I HAVE A PROBLEM??? ‘ Britney continued. “I can’t cry 😢… I have to be strong… TOO STRONG 💪🏼!!! So yeah… YOU DO IT and you never think for a damn second that you can’t. ”

At the end of the interview, Jamie Lynn criticized fans and the media for spreading a “shameful” public feud. “I love my sister,” she said. “I will always love my sister. But whoever is promoting this behavior and encouraging this behavior, you are as guilty as anyone who is abusing or whatever else among the comments they mean. What are you doing? All I want to do is love and support my sister and end this nonsense. This is ridiculous. Like, the world, just growing up. ” Jamie Lynn Spears shares content with Britney Spears that allegedly removed her name on ‘Call Her Daddy’


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