James Gunn Talks About Possible Easter Egg Guardians in Hawkeye Episode 3

Anyone who has watched a Marvel movie since 2008 (or any movie since) is likely familiar with the callbacks and easter eggs. It seems like every filmmaker has fallen prey to the irresistible urge to include a subtle or blatantly gratuitous reference to their creations, suddenly elevating an inherently enjoyable experience with an impromptu hunt. Naturally, Marvel Studios’ Hawk Eye not immune to such juicy temptations.

A recent episode of the Disney Plus series Hawk Eye saw Jeremy Renner as the iconic hero infiltrating a LARPing group in New York, and as exciting as the entire franchise is, it turns out that the events surrounding it could have included a number of things. additional. Like Renner’s Clint Barton / Hawkeye pulls NYC LARPers up Instagram page in the universe, some recognizable names can be seen in the “followed by” section. Aside from a glimpse of an account called “drstrange,” hinting at a potentially great side gig for Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheeky magician, viewers also know as “iamgr00t. “


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Naturally, most people’s first thought is that this is a clear reference to the big tree guy Groot from James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy film. But of course, Gunn himself decided to throw it in the left yard when the easter egg was noticed, while also introducing a bit of a puzzle that was really fun to admit. “It could be the IG account of Rob de Groot’s MCU version, [Dave Bautista’s] “Said Gunn, in response to the Easter egg footage on Twitter.” Unlike the real Rob, the MCU version is a dick, with a classy British accent and full, seductive hair. (Also, it’s a great easter egg.)”

Honestly, it wouldn’t be strange for Gunn to be completely fabricated in a situation like this, but as some of you may already know (and as reiterated in the photo Gunn posted), Rob de Groot really did. working with Bautista like his double stunt. To outsiders, this might seem like a funny little joke at first, especially given the seemingly random coincidence that there’s a person named Groot working on a movie with a character named Groot. But many non-Americans already know that’s not entirely unlikely, as one fan pointed out in the replies, “It’s actually a very common surname in the Netherlands.”

Of course, even while concealing the truth, Gunn couldn’t resist making jokes. Since most fans will assume that the Instagram account name refers to a gentle giant of Vin Diesel, NS Guardians of the Galaxy manager certainly saw the perfect opportunity to disappoint the audience’s expectations. The fact that he actually knew someone named Groot could have been a lucky coincidence, and a perfect opportunity for such mischief.

LARP scene in Hawk Eye proves that Marvel Studios still works to keep things light without sacrificing production value or heart. Now, fans know that such things are entirely possible even without Gunn’s involvement. Never mind that he’s somehow trying to get himself in there anyway. Think of it as a fun condiment on top of pre-made fries. (Sorry, the analogy went too fast.)

Hawk Eye currently airing every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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The source: James Gunn / Twitter

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