James Gunn Reveals Inspiration For Peacemaker’s Berenstain Bears Scene

HBO Maxnew series of People of Peace was a surprise hit of 2022. From the show’s incredible opening credits to Gunn’s trademark ability to find humor in the darkest of places, Suicide Squad spinoff series has been a breath of fresh air for the DCEU. On top of that, Gunn may have broken some childhood when he revealed a dark secret about The Berenstain Bears.

inside third volume of People of Peace ARGUS operatives Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) and Jon Economos (Steve Agee) are placed in a surveillance truck, waiting for their latest target to arrive. In a scene that resembles a classic spy novel, Economos reports to the rest of his group that the family of potential targets has arrived. He uses a codename, calling them “The Berenstein Bears”, after the classic children’s book series of the same name.


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However, Adebayo was quick to correct him, pointing out that the proper pronunciation is actually BerenSTAIN Bears after the novel’s creators Stan and Jan Berenstain. Economos, and potentially half of the audience, quickly refuted this. He grew up with these books, like many others, he knows it’s BerenSTEIN. It wasn’t until later in the episode that they Googled it, and it was in fact BerenSTAIN, proving Adebayo correct.

Gunn recently tweeted the scene and revealed that the inspiration for the conversation actually came from his own experience knowing the truth about the Berenstain Bears. In the tweet, Gunn wrote, “Based on a real life situation, I found out that it was actually ‘Berenstain’ after calling them by the wrong name all my life.” He’s not the only one. The pronunciation of Berenstain Bears is a well-documented example of what is called The Mandela Effect, a phenomenon in which a large group of people recall something that never happened or never existed. The term is named after an event where many believed that former South African president Nelson Mandela actually died in prison and were shocked to discover that he was still alive after his release in 1990.

While this scene could easily be chalked up just for fun People of Peace moment, it also caters to the larger story. Adebayo is the only character whose correct pronunciation of Berenstain sets her apart from the rest of the team, showing that despite being a rookie, she has more abilities than she looks. mine. The scene also acts as a metaphor for one of the main themes of every good story: that things aren’t always what they seem.

People of Peace he himself is a much sadder and guilty character than he seems, and butterflies are not just superhuman, they are actually small winged creatures that live in the human body. Even Adebayo is hiding a secret for at least the first three episodes, that she really Amanda Waller’s Daughter and have been tasked with keeping tabs on People of Peace and Project Butterfly. All of this just shows the effectiveness of Gunn’s writing. Even a seemingly throwaway joke has a deeper meaning.

You can watch the first four episodes of People of Peace exclusively on HBO Max, with new episodes airing every Thursday.

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The source: James Gunn | Twitter

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