James Gunn is more suitable in DC than Marvel

People of Peace really unlike no other superhero out there as the outcast’s misguided intentions have made him the laughing stock of most of the jokes in his own series. There are really no other characters in DC Comics like him, but essentially the series also highlights the stylistic differences between this world and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and its influence on the style of a James Gunn.

There is such a thing as now movies have Gunn DNA, from his first job in super until the relatively unknown franchise that made him a household name, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn confessed to being more of a fan of fringe characters than someone who dreams of making the next thing Batman, Avengers or Spiderman, an aspect that ultimately defines part of his unique style. That, along with the privilege of no longer being constrained by Marvel’s family-friendly approach, allows Gunn to thrive in superhero moviemaking that no one else is able or even willing to try.


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No one loves a weak man like James Gunn

Peacemaker Episode 4 Review

When Kevin Feige first announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2012 movie, maybe many people other than comics have known Rocket Raccoon from appear in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and not a Marvel celebrity. The MCU hasn’t had the easiest time finding someone to write and direct the Guardians, and despite his hesitation, Gunn joined in part due to his ability to add more of his personal touch to it.

As a person has been recorded to say he finds most superhero movies boring, it is clear how important Gunn is to be able to infuse his work with a certain unique air. Dancing, music and humor are his ways of expressing it, but even without the frequent use of violent and sexual imagery, Gunn’s camera work is quite different when compared to other Marvel movies, like his characters.

The Guardians of the Galaxy value yourself less than any other MCU hero, but using that self-deprecating humor simply won’t work on someone as confident as Tony Stark, as virtuous as Steve Rogers, nor as unloved as Man. Spider. That’s why People of Peace, DC’s Last Undertaker, Always His Favorite Suicide Squad member for a spinoff because no cunning or cruel joke comes at its cost.

Although it may still be too early to call if People of Peace whether there will be a second part or not, working with confusing characters gives Gunn a lot more freedom as there is no need to tie their story to many things in the series. DCEU in trouble. On the contrary, the connection between the MCUs is something he probably has to keep in mind right now, especially since the Guardians are one of the few remaining heavyweights from the Infinity Saga.

Where’s the R-rated fun for Gunn


The most obvious difference between Marvel and DC, at least from Gunn’s perspective, is the additional creative freedom offered by a studio that allows him to oversee two large projects with both potential and limited scope. mechanism of marking them with an R rating. While the main goal of Disney’s MCU productions is to reach as many audiences as possible, all in hopes of breaking that billion-dollar ceiling, DC gives Gunn the ability to make a different kind of movie that he doesn’t. he is a director.

It’s hard to put a price on this, but the fact that Warner Bros. chose to keep its only proven winner, Batman, tied with age rating PG-13 does not indicate a willingness to accommodate Gunn’s desire to write. Naturally, this is only possible for smaller franchises, so when Gunn takes over Suicide Squad There was little pressure on him to pull through on his previous film, which posted big financial numbers but had a terrible track record with fans and critics alike.

Suicide Squad and People of Peace are superhero movies in which Gunn has his shackles removed, thus allowing him to expand his comedic abilities through the offensive use of profanity, sex, and satire. It’s not because Gunn is so basic that he needs nudists and swear words in his script to make things work, it’s his style that benefits from that because if there’s a things like film d’autour When it comes to superheroes, Gunn’s vision is mostly pure irreverence.

Peacemaker's opening scene trailer

Gunn said that People of Peace is about social commentary, and to fulfill that vision, he wants to make the viewer believe that there’s a little bit of good in Christopher Smith, he’s just a misunderstood soul raised in bad circumstances. , as Leota Adebayo has suggested in a few cases.

Of course, there was a lot of condemnation for the neo-nazis because Gunn was not naive to pure evil, but besides Peace of White Dragon Father and his followers, everyone has valuable qualities in the show. Marvel may be using the Red Skull, Hydra, and Nazis as historical relic, but don’t expect to see modern white superheroes depicted in the MCU any time soon.

There is little reason to believe Guardians of the Galaxy 3 would be anything other than another Gunn hit for the MCU, and when that happens, he’ll have three PG-13 blockbusters, however, it looks like he could then happier to aim for success for a limited audience. Not only is that a more impressive achievement, but DC allows Gunn to pick his projects and work on them as he sees fit, and while he may not be able to fix the MCU, he does. He can certainly envision a way to give a project its face some much needed identity to run it unlike any other entertainment product out there on the market. And we’re all going to explode when he does.

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