Jade Chamber Rising Archon Quest Guide

The Crane Return on the Wind – Jade Chamber Rising is an Archon Quest in The Genshin effect. It is considered a Combined Chapter, and you only need to take the New Star Approach to start it. In any case, this is The Genshin effect guide to help you complete Jade Chamber Rising.

Note: For more information on the game, see The Genshin effect guide and central feature.

Genshin effect: The crane returns in the wind – Guide to increase jade room

The Crane Return on the Wind – Jade Chamber Rising begins in Liyue Harbour. You will find that Ningguang plans to rebuild the Jewel Chamber (which was destroyed in the war against Leviathan Osial). Soon you will meet new people Shenhe.

Your interactions with Shenhe will lead you to a miniature domain of the Sea Gazer Abode. There you’ll be able to use a fairly advanced trial version (assuming she’s not on your team if you already have her at your disposal).

Gene Pct Arcint Jdchrs 1

Next, you will go to the construction site of the Jade Room. There you will meet Beidou and another new character, Yun Jin, an opera singer. You’ll explore a small village to find Starsplinter Iron (i.e. the first is on top of the rock and the second is along the ridge).

In short, you are asked to find another mineral called Subrosium (with Xiao’s rapid appearance), before all ingredients are refined by the blacksmith in Liyue Harbour.

Gene Pct Arcint Jdchrs 2

When all preparations are complete, return to the Gem Chamber. Ningguang will start the process and the whole structure will fly.

The movie will give you a glimpse of your next rival, Beisht, another sea snake who is actually Osial’s wife. It looks like Ningguang’s Balamb Garden will carry out the Leviathan summon.

Genshin impact crane returns to the jade room on Rising Beisht wind 1

After watching the movie, you will participate in a battle against Beisht. You will only be fighting with a single head at the start. Once you have exhausted your HP, it will summon two more heads. There are several attacks to watch out for:

  • When you see a red line. one of the heads will go through that part. It will be temporarily stunned so you can continue hitting it.
  • The orbs will explode around the arena, so you’ll have to avoid those.

Genshin impact crane returns to the jade room on Rising Beisht wind 2

After defeating Beisht, there will be another short. You’ll then return to the Gem Chamber to see the end of the quest, including Yun Jin’s performance.

Note: Complete the flock of cranes flying back in the wind – Ngoc Tang’s room in Genshin Impact allows you to unlock Hangout Events for Ningguang and Yunjin.

Genshin impact crane returns to the jade room on Rising Beisht wind 3

The Genshin effect available through it Official website. For more information, see guide and central feature.

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