Izuku Midoriya’s 7 strongest powers

Izuku Midoriya is the main character of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia. Born Not surprisingly, Midoriya has little future as a Hero, however, his courage and drive to help those in need with a smile led All Might, the most powerful Hero of all time, to choose him as his successor. Inheriting her power, Izuku Midoriya has since ceaselessly achieved incredible things.

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Along with the powers that All Might has passed on to him, Midoriya has also gained some amazing abilities. Over time, his power has only increased, and for now, he’s strong enough to go up against some of the strongest people in the entire series with his many abilities.

7 Smoke screen

Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia

Smokescreen is a type of Quirk that once belonged to the sixth user of One For All, En. Later, this power also awakened in Izuku Midoriya and has only grown stronger since Quirk Singularity. The smoke screen allows Midoriya to create a thick plume of smoke from his body to keep himself out of sight of his enemies and also to take them by surprise.

The smoke produced can cover a very large area and is usually enough to cause problems for anyone. However, too much smoke can also cause navigation problems from Deku. Maintaining the perfect balance of its power is the key to using it as efficiently as possible.


6 Danger feeling

Deku Danger Sense Quirk

Previously used by Hikage Shinomori, the fourth user of One For All, Danger Sense is a rather special ability. As the name suggests, this power allows the user to sense danger in their immediate surroundings. When used properly, it grants sixth-sense abilities to the user and thus warns them of nearby dangers before it arrives.

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However, it causes a slight pain to the user when activated. According to Deku, this can be controlled with enough training. After the Hikage, this Quirk awakens in Izuku Midoriya. As expected, the power of this Quirk under Midoriya was several times greater than under Hikage Shinomori.

5 Floating

Deku Float Quirk

Float is the Quirk of One For All’s seventh user and All Might’s teacher, Nana Shimura. After being passed on to Izuku Midoriya, this power awakened within him during the Mystical Liberation War arc while fighting against Shigaraki Tomura.

As the name suggests, Float allows the user to soar in mid-air. While its basic power is fairly simple, when combined with One For All’s stored energy, it can be used to fly at high speed, making it one of the most powerful. the most special power in the world My Hero Academia.

4 Blackwhip

My Hero Academia Deku Manifests Blackwhip

Blackwhip belongs to the sixth user of One For All, Daigoro Banjo. In ‘s current timeline My Hero Academia, it’s the first Extra Quirk that Deku awakens in the events of a training round. Blackwhip is quite a useful power, and it allows Midoriya to create energy cords from any part of his body.

Although this ability is not as strong as Daigoro Banjo, but thanks to it’s development over the years, it was extremely powerful under Midoriya. Blackwhip seems to be reinforced by emotions, meaning that the more intense they are, the stronger it is. To this day, it remains one of Izuku Midoriya’s strongest strengths and will continue to grow as he grows stronger.

3 Fa Jin

Deku Fa Jin Quirk

Formerly used by the third user of One For All, Fa Jin is an incredible power that Izuku Midoriya awakened from following the events of the Paranormal Liberation War. This quirk allows him to store kinetic energy by repeating certain movements and utilize it at a later point in time. When released, Fa Jin gained tremendous power and speed, making the user much more dangerous in combat.

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Like all Quirks, Fa Jin under Izuku Midoriya is much stronger than under his predecessor. When combined with One For All and Blackwhip, Fa Jin allowed Midoriya to produce 100% competitive strength of One for All at only 45%, which proves that it’s an amazing possibility.

2 One for all

one for all my hero academy

By Izuku Midoriya The strongest Quirk is, without a doubt, One For All. This quiz first belonged to All For One’s brother, Yoichi. After him, there were eight more users of these powers. All Might, the eighth user of One For All, passed it on to Izuku Midoriya, making him the ninth and final user.

One For All is one of the most powerful oddities in My Hero Academia, if not the strongest. It allows superhumans to store an incredible amount of power inside their bodies, which, when released, increases dramatically. When mastered, One For All becomes more powerful than All For One, which proves that this Quirk is easily among the greatest ever to exist.

first An unknown story

one for all possibilities

Izuku Midoriya also possesses the Quirk that was previously used by the second user of One For All. Exactly what this Quirk is or not is yet to be revealed in the story. However, since all other Quirks by previous One For All users are helpful in their own right, this question is likely to be the same.

Its power will also be exponentially greater than it was under the second user of One For All, as once passed on, the Quirk only becomes stronger. Midoriya might soon awaken this power and give fans a taste of what it can do.

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