It’s time for Mirror’s Edge 3

The cult classic of its time is considered mirror edge series is one of the most formative games of its generation, although there have been no new entries since 2016 despite falling into gaming limbo. Arguably the game that popularized Parkour in the gaming world mirror edge could be viewed as a basis for other series such as dying light, titanium autumn, or ghost walker. Despite this, after an attempted soft restart of the series and renewed hope for its future, the series failed to be revived and was met with mixed reactions from critics but decent sales from gamers.


However, that is likely mirror edge only stumbled because despite having all the right pieces for a great game, it lacked the execution of putting them together. Most critics, for example, agreed mirror edge‘s The movement mechanics were commendable, but the poor combat and lack of mission variety let it down. But that is possible mirror edge‘s Bugs are only symptomatic of the design changes it had to make between its first game and its reboot. A sequel, then – or technically speaking mirror edge 3 – is needed to give the series at least a fair chance.

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Where Mirror’s Edge left off

When Mirror’s Edge was When it was first released, it was generally well received and praised for its movement mechanics and innovation. Despite its shortcomings, such as the trial-and-error nature of the gameplay or the linear limitations of the level design, the game quickly became loved by fans and gained cult-classic status. This was probably why DICE was considering a second game, and given that it’s been almost a decade since the original console was released, alongside the extensive work that went into developing one mirror edge Continuing, a reboot was probably the best way forward.

Mirror’s Edge catalyst has made a ton of changes from the original game, including switching to an open-world level design and removing Faith’s ability to use weapons, while also adding new features like the mag rope to improve grappling and traversing of level environments. While it’s clear that the reboot has attempted to stay true to its source material, it offered a more complex narrative with rich new lore like Faith’s reimagined origin story, while leaning more on its dystopian setting with a minimalist, futuristic aesthetic.

Despite this radical departure from the first game, there’s a lot the reboot didn’t take advantage of that could lead to a sequel, and the game’s ending left the door wide open for future entries, with Faith fully kitted out and ready to play in the Run a new world spread out before her. In addition, a lot of catalyst‘s Online services are still available at the time of writing, including the franchise’s official website. With no official word that the series has been canceled and the continued popularity of parkour video games, it means the series may still have a future.

How Mirror’s Edge should improve

Apart from the narration, there are a lot of sequels catalyst would have to do to refine the flaws in design and mechanics. While the Mag Rope was an excellent addition with the ability to further enhance Faith’s own abilities, there is more that DICE can do to enhance the overall gaming experience. Since, for example, a lot of catalyst Taking place on the rooftops of the City of Glass, sending Faith into the abyss was all too easy, and with a frustrating wait at a loading screen, the sequel’s focus should be on keeping the player in the action.

A solution could provide Faith with a way to save herself from falling, e.g. by clinging to a nearby ledge with the mag rope in an emergency, although this would require a compromise to ensure players are encouraged to play well. Other uses could allow the player to have the mag rope in combat, which offers greater combat proficiency, especially since catalyst made a point of running about the fight. The goal of the sequel should be to fix the bugs brought up by critics and streamline the gaming experience.

Additionally, a sequel would need to address the issues catalyst had with mission variety, many just resorting to variations in running from point A to point B under certain conditions, reducing to very linear paths. To fix this, mirror edge could include an open world and link these missions to the main characters instead of like catalyst applied this to generic NPCs. Missions that could affect the game’s ending, for example, would be much more interesting if players could side with characters or groups like Black November, the Runners, or Dogen.

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What the series should do next

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Story has done a lot of work to deepen the lore that the original game saved for other media such as: B. the accompanying comics or the mobile game. For example, catalyst restored Kruger Security as the main antagonist while also introducing Black November as an ally, inspired by the first game’s November Riots. Despite the thwarting of Kruger’s plans for Reflection in catalystKruger Security and Black November are still active and exist at the end of the game and serve a possible future storyline.

Additionally, future games should revisit more of the story or characters from the first game and incorporate them into their own. For example, the original premise of mirror edge revolved around the death of mayoral candidate Robert Pope, a plot to preserve the dystopia seen in catalyst where free will is eroded. Reintroducing Pope and setting the stage for a political Lister narrative would complement that catalyst‘s own issues of anti-corporation rebellion.

Whether a new game will ever be planned remains to be seen, as hopes continue to be dashed with announcements from DICE amid the risks and saying they don’t currently have time to develop a sequel. But the series continues to hold on to its cult following, and mirror edge still deserves a place at the table among the growing number of games that use parkour. Finally, it differs visually from other games and served as a starting point for a first-person version of parkour. mirror edge is still alive and well with prospects for a sequel.

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