It Takes Two Could Have Been The Perfect Switch Game

The Game Awards’ “Best Family Games” category is often reduced in conversation to “Best Nintendo Games” as the company leans heavily towards developing and publishing titles that are generally aimed at audiences. more kid-friendly dummy. Each year, the category typically includes Nintendo games and one or two non-Nintendo family-friendly titles, and this year was no exception. For 2021, this category is full of Switch exclusives, except It takes two as the only non-Nintendo contender and, while its merits as a “family game” remains controversial among fans, its inclusion alongside so many Switch titles does highlights a seemingly perfect couple that hasn’t come to fruition: a Switch port It takes two.


It takes two tells the story of a husband and wife on the verge of divorce, who are miraculously shrunk to a microscopic size and forced to reconnect with their faltering marriage. Players embark on a quest through about 12-15 hours of platforming puzzles and other games different co-op sections. It’s a pity that the game isn’t playable on the Switch because based on everything about it, It takes two seems like the title type would be ideal on a handheld/controller hybrid.

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It has two perfect pairs with switches

it takes two (1)

Hazelight Studios has long devoted itself to perfecting co-op gameplay in a way that many major studios have overlooked in recent years. The only other major studio that seems to still prioritize split-screen co-op the same way Hazelight does is Nintendo. Nintendo places great emphasis on the social, cooperative elements of the co-op split-screen game built into the Switch’s DNA, with its detachable Joy-Cons, each of which act as controllers. their own to play co-op on the go. Because of It takes twocooperative nature, it looks like it would be the perfect fit for the Switch.

If it gets a Switch port, it looks like it hasn’t loaded so far It takes two will be a best seller on the platform. Dedicated co-op game such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros., and Stardew Valley have all seen great success often topping the charts. It takes two looks like it could fit snugly into the rest of the Switch’s co-op portfolio if it’s ported to the platform. However, in that respect, it doesn’t seem likely that a port will appear.

Why won’t a switch that requires two work

it takes two

Despite the values ​​behind the idea, a Switch port of It takes two does not seem to be given hardware limitations of the Switch. While that sentiment is often used to refer to the console’s low handling, the Joy-Cons will likely hold true. It takes two return port.

It takes two has a surprising amount of mechanics that require more buttons than a Switch Joy-Con has, meaning it won’t work if played locally in handheld mode. Becasue local multiplayer is It takes twobread and butter, it seems that there is no such thing as a viable port. Furthermore, the game will be completely unplayable on the Switch Lite unless someone brings along an additional controller and plays the entire game over the shoulder of their co-op partner.

It’s not entirely impossible to create a portal, but there are enough barriers standing between players and can enjoy It takes two on Switch, that doesn’t seem to happen at all. It’s a pity indeed, as the Switch is the perfect place for such a heavy co-op game to exist. Switch owners will only have to settle for so many other titles available for the time being.

It takes two available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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