It certainly looks like Trump is showing calls from Don Jr. during the attack on the Capitol

On Monday night, while arguing that the former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows should be held in congressional contempt of crime, the House Investigative Committee on January 6 dropped a bomb that will make future Mar-a-Lago gatherings even more awkward. what they could have happened. Making the case that “the White House knew exactly what was happening here in the Capitol” during the deadly uprising, Rep. Liz Cheney revealed that, along with several Fox News hosts, Donald Trump Jr. sent a bunch document Meadows stressed that his father needed to denounce the violence. “He must condemn this as soon as possible. The Capitol police tweet is not enough,” wrote Don Jr in a message to Meadows, according to Cheney, the committee’s vice chairman. “I’m trying to push it. I agree,” Meadows replied and Junior texted back, “We need an Oval Office address. He has to take the lead now. It went too far and got out of hand.”

Clearly, Donald Trump did not take the lead, and it was not until hours after the attack began that he rescue a video that essentially says the uprising is justifiable, telling the bloodthirsty crowd, “You are so special” and “we love you,” which he followed with a tweet that read: “Here are the things and events that happened when the divine Victory in a landslide election illegally & brutally deprived great patriots who had been mistreated and injustice for so long. Go home with love & peace. Remember this day forever!”

But the messages help paint the picture of that day, raising new questions and answering others. In the former, for example, it seems pretty clear, as Cheney notes, that not only is the White House acutely aware of how dire the situation is, but so is the president himself. So why doesn’t he act? Is it because of what’s going on? exactly as he wants and he hopes his supporters will really succeed in blocking the certificate Joe Bidenwin? Sounds good for sure! (Here, recall that on January 8, Republican senator Ben Sasse speak in an interview in which senior White House officials told him that as the uprising unfolded, “Trump was walking around the White House confused as to why others on his team He wasn’t as excited as he was, like you had rioters against the Capitol police, trying to get into the building. It happened. He was happy.”)

Then there’s the matter of the content of Don Jr.’s plea, which, to the Trumps, sounds very out of the ordinary. Don Jr. condemn violence? The same Don Jr., who is proud posture with the carcasses and dismembered body parts of animals he had just been slaughtered? Don Jr., the guy whose reaction to the tragic death of a woman on the set was to sell T-shirts read: “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin killing “? In urging his father (through an intermediary) to denounce the violence, did Don Jr…. do the right thing for once in his life? And the answer is: maybe, sort of with a giant, flaming asterisk! ‘Cause let’s not forget that earlier in the day, during the protest in Ellipse, Junior told GOP legislators: “You have an opportunity today. You can be a hero, or you can be a nil. And the choice is yours. But we are all watching. The whole world is watching, friends. Choose wisely.”

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Finally, there is the question of why Don Jr is trying to contact this father through Meadows. Yes, Trump was the leader of the free world at the time, but certainly most presidents inform their staff that calls from their children should be made, especially if they are important. Did Junior initially try to contact his father directly to realize he had been screened? Did he realize from the start that Trump—who never showed up Especially liked his namesake—Won’t listen to him and then decide to try Meadows as a side channel? After all this, would Trump change his phone number and forget to give it to his son? Don Jr has been unusually quiet on Twitter for the past two days, but he’ll probably fill us in soon.

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