Is your pet becoming lazy? Here is what you need to change in their routine

Both you and your pet enjoy hitting the snooze button on the alarm and love that extra hour of sleep. But later, you realize that your pet slept longer than necessary, and now this is taking place daily. This indicates that your pet is growing sluggish. Even though lazy pets may look cute, they can often be annoying. Some indicators that your pet is becoming lazy include not walking straight, being fatigued, and not wanting to play.

Additionally, if your pet is acting lazy and appears uninterested in doing anything, this could invite some serious issues like heart disease. Your pet needs your undivided attention, and an alter in their routine. So, here are some incredible activities and tips that will help your pet stay energetic and be a playful animal.

1. Engage them in toys

Just like humans, animals also get bored of old toys and stuff. Always remember to refresh the toys and play with your animals. They could become bored and loosen up if they play with the same old toys and games. Find cool gadgets for your pet, like a moving car or something with lights that work on battery, as this will excite your pet intellectually and physically.

You can also stow pet treats and snacks in their new toy. Adding a new toy to your pet’s collection will also change the lazy habits of your pet.

2. Regular Exercise

Not only is regular exercise beneficial for you, but it’s also beneficial for your pet. If your pet is not getting ready to go for a walk or play, they are becoming lethargic. Your pet will intentionally do things and will make excuses for not going out. Taking them for a walk is crucial to put them back on the fitness track, and for that, start with short walks, but do them several times a day. Offering them snacks along the trip or on the way home will make your pet appreciate the activity even more.

3. Create a routine

Setting up a proper schedule for your pet is very important. It will assist in moving them from their state of laziness. Pets love spending time with their owners, so create a regimen that involves various activities such as playing, going on walks, or exercising.

However, don’t design it severely; keep your pet’s comfort and needs in mind. Find the ideal time when you both are prepared, and then adhere to it. Following a proper routine will kill the laziness in your pet, and they will come back on track.

4. Food habits of pets

If your pet is overeating or eating unhealthy food all the time, it will eventually make them sluggish and feel less physically energized. Pets must be fed properly and nutritionally to stay active and full of energy. Offer your pet fewer snacks and treats, and provide them with nutrition and higher in- protein.

Also, make a proper timetable for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you don’t know much about protein foods or if there aren’t any nearby shops for pet food, then buy pet food online NZ. It contains all the food items your pet needs, ultimately keeping them active and playful.

5. Like owner, like pet

The fact that many pets imitate their humans greatly contributes to their laziness. For example, suppose your pet is a dog, so you cannot simply sit on a bench in the park and expect your dog to do the rest of the physical activity by itself. Instead, seeing you sitting and relaxing will allow your pet to do the same, and they will also come and sit near you.

Your pet will follow you, so keep yourself active and observe your pet changing. Teach them new skills because pets enjoy learning new things and become quite pleased about it.

Motivating your lazy pet is very important. It helps in keeping them healthy and fit. Following a routine with your pet could be a challenging task at first, but with patience, consistency, and hard work, you will see a change in your pet. Do not feel disheartened if your pet is lazy or has low energy, as there are plenty of ways to motivate your lazy animal. Follow the five amazing tips listed above, and you will see the energy in your pet; they will become vibrant and full of life again.

Huynh Nguyen

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