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Xinyan is a viable unit, but it’s definitely not worth drawing for meta. she is working, but it pales in comparison to many other entities. Xinyan has a wide range of playstyles – namely a physical DPS, a pyro DPS, and support. This allows her to fit into multiple team compositions, but she’s never the best option.

There are many other characters who are miles ahead of her in all three roles.

Because of this, it is never recommended to build Xinyan for meta reasons.

Instead, it’s more of a unit that you use because you like it, not because it’s strong.

Note: This is based on meta only. If you like Xinyan regardless of its power, don’t let that stop you from using it.

For and against

Strengthen weaknesses
  • Has a wide variety of playstyles and team compositions.
  • Overwhelming damage compared to most DPS units.
  • Long skill cooldown.
  • Never the best in slot for a team.

Xinyan strengths

1. Wide range of playstyles and teams

Xinyan Pyro DPS Build: 2pcs. Crimson Witch of Flames and 2pcs. Gladiator's Finale / Genshin Impact
Xinyan Pyro DPS Build: 2pcs. Crimson Witch of Flames and 2pcs. Gladiator’s Finale

Xinyan has three different playstyles: Physical DPS, Pyro DPS, and Assist.

Each has a different build, gameplay, and team. As such, she has a wide range of comps to fit into.

Here’s a deeper comparison between their playstyles.

To build How it works
Physical DPS

She acts as a DPS on the field, dealing physical damage. Your stats would focus on the physical damage bonus, ATK, and CRIT for that team.

Xinyan is among the weaker physical DPS units in the game, but she is viable.

Pyro DPS

With a C6 Bennett, Xinyan can also act as a DPS on the field here. This is thanks to C6 Bennett’s Pyro Infusion.

Without a C6 Bennett, Xinyan can only be an off-field DPS, occasionally dealing pyro damage from her abilities and explosions. This playstyle is less effective as their damage output is significantly lower.

Alternatively, she can also use a hybrid build between Physical and Pyro for this setup. It’s less efficient, but it is working.

As a DPS, this is Xinyan’s best build. This allows her to effectively benefit from really strong teammates – namely, Bennett, Kazuha, and Xiangling.


In support, Xinyan offers various tools through her abilities, constellations, and artifacts.

These include: Shielding, Purification, Pyro Battery, Off Field Pyro Application, Physical Damage Boost, Physical Resistance Shredder, and 4pc. Tenacity of Millelith ATK buffs.

Almost all rely heavily on Xinyan’s level 3 shield. This can only be done by her burst (at C2) or if her ability hits 2+ enemies.

This means it will have significantly less uptime without C2 – or no uptime at all versus single-target with C0.

Xinyan weaknesses

1. Overwhelming damage

Xinyan team example: Mono Pyro / Genshin Impact
Xinyan team example: Mono Pyro

Xinyan’s damage pales in comparison to most DPS units in the game.

As a physical DPS, her damage is decent at best. She falls far behind other physical DPS units like Eula and Razor.

As a Pyro DPS, she’s very often carried by her teammates – especially in Mono Pyro with Bennett, Xiangling, and Kazuha.

While the team is good, it really isn’t because of Xinyan’s damage – it’s her 3 other teammates who are really strong units.

2. Long skill cooldown

Xinyan's Skill Cooldown / Genshin Impact
Xinyan’s skill cooldown

Xinyan’s skill has a relatively long cooldown of 18 seconds.

This poses two main problems: reduced shield uptime (at C0) and reduced energy particle generation.

Their reduced shield availability is primarily an issue for support builds. This is because most of her support abilities rely heavily on her shield being up. Without it, she loses a significant amount of utility.

Also, her shield is weaker than most shields in the game, making it fairly easy to break. And if it does, you’ll have to wait for its long cooldown to end before casting again.

There’s just no other way to trigger her shield (at C0).

In terms of energy, this also means that she has to build up a little more Energy Recharge (ER) for her burst.

Since Xinyan can only cast her skill once per rotation, her particle generation is generally not enough to charge her every rotation. She would need a slightly higher ER of around 150%.

3. Not required by any team

C2 Xinyan's burst forms a Level 3 / Genshin Impact shield
C2 Xinyan’s explosion forms a level 3 shield

This weakness is very similar to its overwhelming damage.

Xinyan can fill many roles and fit into many teams. But when it deals less damage than other units that could also fit on this team, there’s just no reason to use it.

This also applies to her role as a support – she is basically very inconsistent.

Xinyan relies heavily on her Tier 3 Shield to grant buffs to her teammates, but (1) it needs at least 2 enemies for it to trigger, (2) it needs C2 to have decent uptime, and ( 3) it is weaker than most other shields in the game.

Her skill also has a bug where hitting 2+ enemies still can’t trigger her level 3 shield.

Are Xinyan’s constellations good?

Xinyan's Constellation Screen / Genshin Impact
Xinyan’s constellation screen

Xinyan has many good constellations that mainly serve as quality of life and damage buffs.

Their best is C2, an early constellation – and thus more accessible for players. This is a highly recommended move.

The rest of their constellations are also situationally good, but not convincing compared to C2.

Because of this, they are not worth actively pulling. You get them naturally while playing the game and pulling gacha banners.

Also, here’s a closer look at each of their constellations.

C1: Deadly Acceleration

On a CRIT hit, Xinyan’s basic and charged attacks gain 12% increased attack speed for 5 seconds. This can only occur once every 5 s.

It’s a nice quality-of-life combination that also yields a tiny damage gain. It is especially useful for an on-field DPS Xinyan.

C2: Spontaneous opening

Xinyan’s explosion physical damage CRIT rate increased to 100%. And it forms a level 3 shield when cast.

This is Xinyan’s strongest setup – and it benefits all of their different playstyles.

Also, C2 effectively increases the uptime of her C1 by getting a guaranteed CRIT hit. It also increases the uptime of their shield.

C3: double stop

Increases her elemental skill talent by 3.

This effectively increases Xinyan’s skill damage and shield strength. It is most beneficial for their support build.

C4: Wildfire Rhythm

The first hit of Xinyan’s skill reduces the opponent’s physical resistance by 15% for 12 seconds.

In a physical DPS build, this benefits her own damage. In a support build, it benefits their teammates’ damage.

C4 does not affect her as a Pyro DPS.

C5: Scream for an encore

Increases her Elemental Burst talent by 3.

This directly boosts her burst multipliers, which is a nice damage gain for a DPS build.

C6: Rockin’ out in a world on fire

Reduces the stamina drain of her charged attacks by 30%. Her charged attacks also gain an ATK bonus equal to 50% of her DEF.

This is a particularly good combination for an on-field DPS Xinyan.

Stamina reduction allows them to use more charged attacks effectively. Also, converting DEF to ATK serves as a direct damage buff. Is Xinyan good? (Pros and Cons) – FandomSpot


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