Is Vander from Arcane a League of Legends champion?

Vander in the Netflix TV series Arcane was introduced as the father character of Vi and Jinx in Episode 1 of the series. The character has a violent past but he chooses to give up violence to protect the peace in Zaun. But it turns out that Vander may have a secret identity and possibly an existing champion in League of Legends.

Spoiler Warning: There’s going to be some heavy spoilers ahead, and if you haven’t seen the latest episodes of Arcane, we recommend you finish the show and come back here. Vander from Arcane could be a League of Legends champion we all know as ‘Warwick’.

Vander from Arcane could be an existing League of Legends champion

Vander goes against the elite in Piltover and takes up arms against the progressive city. But the bloodshed that followed as a result of the uprising caused Vander to rethink his choices. After Vi and Jinx cause chaos in Piltover, Vander learns that the peaceful days in Zaun are coming to an end.

Vander is eventually kidnapped by Silco, Arcane’s main antagonist, and forced to swallow the “Shimmer” serum that turns humans into monsters. At the end of Act 1, we see Vander consuming the serum to save the lives of Vi, Jinx, and the other children in his care.

He saved his life and it looks like he’s dead. But his death was never confirmed and his appearance after consuming the serum resembles Warwick, a League of Legends champion.

Vander could be Warwick in League of Legends

Follow entry to the legend of Warwick: “Though many think Warwick is nothing more than a beast, buried beneath the rage is the mind of a man – a gangster who has lowered his blade and taken on a new name. to have a better life. But no matter how hard he tries to move on, he can never get rid of his past sins.”

The description fits Vander perfectly, and while it’s still just a theory put forward by the League of Legends community, it’s convincing. The only memory Warwick has is of a little girl screaming her name in a pool of blood, which is exactly what happens in Act 1, Episode 3 with Jinx calling for Vi after Vander’s death.

With Level 3 still to come, we don’t know if Riot Games will reveal or re-introduce Vander as Warwick. But if the community is right, it will turn out to be one of the best origin stories in the series. | Is Vander from Arcane a League of Legends champion?


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